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Oh, this show. Last week was largely pointless, but at least it had some mildly amusing moments. This week tried to push forward the Barney/Robin relationship and had one of the most insufferable B plots I've seen in ages.

We pick up shortly after Barney and Robin tangled tongues in the taxi cab. The two have gone to Barney's apartment and are in a post-coital panic about what they did, considering they are both in relationships with other people. Barney maybe thinks that it wasn't a mistake, but they mutually agree to keep mum in order to stay coupled up. So they go on a boat cruise for work, and spend the night deciding if they should tell Nora and Kevin about their cheating ways. There's a lot of waffling, in between some really obnoxious Sandy behavior with an intern, but after Nora gets a stain on her shirt and Kevin gets alcohol in his eye, they decide to fess up to their dirty deed. And Barney has a touching moment where he tells Robin they should be together because they are both equally screwed up.

The duo agree to get off the boat, tell their partners they are over and meet at MacLaren's at midnight. Barney goes to Nora's apartment, and even though her parents have arrived early, he tells Nora that he cheated and it wasn't just a meaningless fling. Meanwhile, Robin goes to the hospital with her beau and Kevin professes his love to her, and tells her that some secrets are best left unspoken. So while a heartbroken but hopeful Barney anxiously waits at MacLaren's, he's crushed when Robin walks in with Kevin.

NPH really nailed it here, but I don't get what the writers are doing with Robin. She was utterly indecisive the entire episode and seemingly just desperate to be in a relationship. Not the same independent girl we once knew. She also insecurely asked both guys why they could possibly want to be with her, since she's so messed up. Robin, honey, grow a pair. Plus, the shrink obviously has an unfair advantage over a man with stunted emotions. So that's not a way to make life decisions.

On the flip side of the coin, Marshall and Ted get stoned and go to a concert and search for nachos. There's one mildly amusing moment where they apologize to Lily for being gone on their food quest for hours, and we see via security footage that it only took a matter of minutes. But it was an extremely long way to go for a sight gag.

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