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Marshall tries to trick Ted into giving them the answer by posing a question set in the future, after the machines have risen up against us. "All that's left is you, ME... [dismissive hand gesture] Barney. Which one of us would you get with?" Ted wants to know why he'd get with either of them. Barney says, "The machines are forcing you. They want to watch. That's how they get down." They're not Cylons, then. Ted hems and haws and say, "I guess it would have to be... " Marshall and Barney duke it out with their facial expressions as Ted rolls his eyes. He then yells, "Holli!" He stands and tells them that Robin told them what he did, and confesses to cooking up the "gay dream" thing to torment them. Holli walks over, and Ted introduces her and gloats that he didn't wait "your precious three days to call her." He found her at work. He turns to Holli. "Let me ask you, did I call you too soon?" Holli says she loves that Ted called right away. "And by the way, I don't sit around my apartment reading architecture magazines in my old cheerleader uniform." They guys can't look at her. She then adds, "I do that completely naked." Ted does the ButtTed and Robin looks at Barney like, see what I mean.

Holli goes to wait outside. She and Ted are on their way out to dinner. Marshall apologizes and tells Ted that they were just trying to help him. Barney adds, "And also, it was really fun." Ted says he can take care of himself, and he figures that although there are some girls who might be turned off by a prompt phone call or premature confessions or whatever, when that's the case, they're not the girls for him. Ted has to be himself and he's not going to change "because of some stupid Three Days Rule." He starts to walk away and then turns back. "Oh, and Holli spells her name with an I." Barney raises his eyebrows at Ted's departing form.

As the sun sets over Manhattan, Saget!Ted narrates that he'd proven the Three Days Rule was wrong. But he's never told anyone until right now, what actually happened on his date with Holli-with-an-I. When she finds out Ted loves indie music, she says she does too, then jokes, "We should get married... Ha ha... Just kidding... Or am I?" Heh. She's PERFECT for him. There's a quick cut and she declares that they're "totally going to Brazil, together." After another cut Holli is in over-share mode. "And I went to my doctor this morning, and he said it is all cleared up, so I'm good to go." Cut. "I think I'm in love with you, Ted." Saget!Ted says that although he didn't need to wait three days this time, "Holly really, really did." We see her constantly touching Ted over dinner, until he's flinching and pulling away. And we jump to...

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