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MacLaren's; Present: Robin teases the guys that it sounds like they were all over Stan. "Hope his girlfriend didn't get jealous." She playfully taps Barney on the arm then adds, "Did he mention a girlfriend, or...?" The guys don't answer. Clearly, they can't stand to share Stan with anyone else. Instead, Barney gets back to the point, which is that Marshall accidentally used the "Holly" phone to send Lily a text message, but instead sent it to Ted and ruined everything. Robin reminds them that that no longer matters, because it's over and orders them to call Ted right now and tell him the truth and apologize. Barney says they will, but when Robin walks out, he says, "OR..." We jump to...

Ted's Apartment: When Robin arrives home with her dry cleaning covering Cobie Smulder's pregnant belly, Ted happily announces that everything is now great, because Holly explained the disturbing text message. "Her dumb friend Marsha accidentally used her phone to text her husband Billy." Wait for it... There you go. Robin's with us. "Marsha and Billy? No one sprained any muscles there." When Ted tells Robin he thinks he might be falling for "this girl" Robin blurts out: "You're falling for Barney and Marshall," and then explains the whole caper. Ted can't believe that the whole time it was them. He goes through different moments during their texting and at first imagines Holly, but then his mental picture changes to Marshall and Barney. If you haven't yet watched the episode, please promise me you will, if only to see this scene. First, Holly reclines in a bath full of bubbles. Then Marshall and Barney face each other in the same bubbly tub. Next, Holly uses a pink, fluffy blanket to cover up her black lace bra as she sits near the window and gazes up at the stars, thinking about Ted. She's then replaced by Marshall and Barney spooning in the same chair. Then, we see Holly lounging on her couch in a cheerleader uniform, reading an architecture magazine, but soon it's Marshall and Barney in her place, and her costume, too. Robin has to pull Ted out of his head by noting that she doesn't think the guys actually did those things. "They were just at the bar. [...] But yeah, it was them."

Robin says, "You might as well tell them you're onto them." Ted says "Yeah," then adds, "OR -- I text them something that will really mess with their heads." Robin suggests that Ted text "Holly" to say that he's only got three months to live, but hasn't told any of his friends yet. Ted counters that instead, he could tell "Holly" that he "once killed a man with a shovel, and those feelings are creeping up again." Robin likes her idea better and tries to bring Ted back to it, but instead he suggests telling "Holly" that he slept with his best friend's mom. Robin's still stuck on the three months to live thing, but Ted ignores her when he thinks of something better. And we cut to...

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