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MacLaren's; Present: Marshall tells Robin they explained everything to Stan and he ended up helping them. We flash back to Stan and his romantic suggestions. "Why don't you tell Ted that just knowing he's out there thinking about you, caring about you -- makes you feel safe? So, all your fears, all your yesterdays wash away, and only hope remains in the promise of his embrace." Back in the present, Robin's impressed and wants to know who this Stan is. The guys explain that he's a security guard who works nights and takes lunch at MacLaren's each day. We flash back to...

MacLaren's With Stan: He waxes poetic for the boys, so that they can have their "Holly" say things like that she thanks God for her mistakes because they led her to Ted. Marshall and Barney are choked up at this. Cut to Ted reading "Holly's" message: "And when we finally come together, I want you to hold me... " Cut back to Stan: "Hold me all night, Stroke my hair. Tell me I'm a woman and show me you're a man. Until there was only now. You and I... and now." The way Marshall shouts out yes, makes me want to hustle him home to Lily, ASAP. And we cut to...

The Apartment: We hear Holly's voice as Ted reads her text message. "I do not ask of the night explanations. I wait for it, and it envelops me, and so you and bread and light and shadow are." Ted struggles to hold back his tears. Cut to MacLaren's, where Stan tells the guys, "That's Pablo Neruda." Hee. Great callback, Show. Marshall's voice shakes as he points first to his heart then his head and says, "That touched me here, and here." Barney's eyes are red, his voice husky as he adds, "Well if Ted won't say it, I will. I love you." He takes a sip of his Scotch as Stan thinks over his confession. Finally, Stan nods and says, "That's cool."

Time passes. The guys are still waiting for a reply. Marshall is fretting. "Maybe he's not in love with us." Hee. Barney is indignant. "How can he not be in love with us? We're everything he's looking for!" Marshall's disgusted. "I don't get men." Stan rises to leave. He has to get to work. Marshall grabs Stan's shoulder and chest. "Will you -- will you be back?" Softly, Stan says he'll be back "when the wind and fates and chance bring me back." His voice returns to a regular tone. "Which will be tomorrow. It's cheese steak day." And we flash forward to...

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How I Met Your Mother




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