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MacLaren's; Present: Robin thinks the guys are just mean to have done this to Ted all day. Marshall explains that this is for Ted's own good. They're protecting him from himself, because it's clear he really likes this girl. He has the same look in his eye he had on his first date with Robin. We flash back to Ted telling Robin he thinks he's in love with her and Robin's shocked, "What?!" Then flash forward to the present. Robin smiles at the memory. "Yeah, well, I-I think I was a special case. This Holly is no Robin Scherbatsky." Oh so subtly, Barney presses his lips into a flat line, cocks his head, and then nods in agreement. Marshall rolls his eyes, as Robin continues. "Hey, what is the deal with her hair? I mean, news flash: they make conditioners that don't leave a buildup." She raises her hand and waits for a high five. "I'm so bad." It never comes. Instead, Marshall explains that since it's been a while since Ted's been into someone, he's probably got a lot of crazy stored up. They just wanted him to get his "I love you" out of his system, before he actually makes contact with the real Holly. And you know, this is as manipulative as all hell, but Marshall has a point. He mentions how Ted's already joked about marriage to fake Holly. Barney reads Ted's messages to Robin from the archive: You like architecture? We should get married. Ha-ha. LOL. Just kidding. Question mark? And Ted's also made a "crazy way-too-soon trip suggestion" to her. I like beer, too. We should totally go to Germany together. LOL. JK. LOL. Finally, he's gotten too personal. Yeah, my parents got divorced a couple years back. It was really tough. LOL. NPH reads that last LOL slowly and sadly, which just makes it. Robin notes that Ted clearly has no idea what LOL means. If you send him to TWoP's forums to find out, Robin, please choose wisely, otherwise, he'll end up thinking it's just another punctuation mark.

Marshall tells Robin that the real problem was that Ted didn't say I love you as easily as they thought he would. Barney adds, "Then we met... Stan. And we flash back to MacLaren's. Marshall and Barney are laughing raucously at one of Ted's texts, when the man sitting in the booth behind Barney leans over and yells, "Why you making so much noise, man?" Oh, it's Kevin Michael Richardson, who played Rockefeller Butts on Knights of Prosperity. I love him, and I loved that crazy show. ABC cancelled that, too. Bastards. Richardson is a big guy. He's a big, bald, black guy, with a fabulously deep voice. Barney looks like he's just peed his pants. Heh. Time to diaper up, B. We flash forward to...

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