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Holly's text says she's been thinking about him, too. "And how weird it is that you texted me while I was in the bath." Ted imagines Holly in a bath full of bubbles and starts doing this horrible little laugh that makes my husband shout out, "Beavis and Butthead! Robin calls this his "Naked lady noise," but I'm going to call it the ButtTed. When Ted denies he makes any such noise, we flash back to prove Robin's point.

Ted walks in on Lily in the bathroom. Sheeesh, I hope she was getting in the shower rather than using the loo, because the ButtTed he does here could turn creepy on a dime. Next, we cut to Ted and Robin watching a documentary about the Korowai tribe of Papua New Guinea. The documentary narrator mentions that the Korowai women wash their clothing in the river and Ted must be getting an eyeful, because we're treated to the stupid ButtTed, again. Robin rolls her eyes and we cut to a museum. Ted and Robin are looking at abstract art and yet, the ButtTed gurgles forth, and Ted gestures to the painting on his right. "That's totally a boob." Wait 'til he gets a load of himself in the mirror. Huh huh huh huh huh huh. We flash forward to...

The Apartment; Present: Ted's phone rings or bloops or whatever that sound is, indicating he's got a message. Robin calls Ted out on breaking the promise to wait three days, so he explains that texting doesn't count. She shrugs and asks him to keep the Naked Lady Noise to a minimum. When he again denies making the noise, Robin opens her bathrobe and flashes him, says, "Really?" and walks off. Ted just sits there, until she's out of the room. Then, "Huh huh huh huh huh huh."

Ted and Holly stay up texting 'til 2:00 AM and then spend most of the next day texting, too. When he tells Robin that what Holly says she's wearing is pretty hot, Robin grabs his cell and then explains to Ted that Holly is lying to get him to like her. "Because no woman in the history of the world is ever 'just sitting around reading architecture magazines in my old cheerleader uniform'." Ted allows that maybe she's making up the architecture magazines bit. Have you met people? His mood changes quickly when his cell bloops again. There's a message on it that is clearly not meant for him. He passes the phone to Robin who reads it: "'Hey, baby, I picked up some take-out from Genarro's. Be home soon'." Robin looks up from the cell at Ted, and tries to give him some perspective. "Okay, yes, this sounds bad, but let's think about this, okay? It could be for a brother or maybe her sick dad." Baby? Really? I'd have suggested a friend with a nickname, myself. You know, like Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in a corner. [Didn't Jennifer Grey's dad call her that, too, though? - Zach] Ted tells Robin to scroll down further. "'And then I want you to do me on the couch'." Oh, so that's where they put Baby. Well, okay, as long as it's not the corner of the couch. Robin shrugs. "Okay, maybe not a sick dad." A beat. "Or a very sick dad. Am I right?" Robin! Ew. Robin says, "Sorry," as well she should. We sideways slide to...

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