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MacLaren's: As Ted, Barney, Marshall and NOBODY drink together, Saget!Ted narrates: "Like a lot of rules, there are times to follow them and times to not." Who tells their underage kids that? "But I will tell you this. When I got your mother's number, I called her right away." Awwwww.

End Tag: Robin, Barney, Marshall and NOBODY are at MacLaren's when Stan walks in. Marshall is thrilled to see him and calls out his name. Barney's just as excited and asks if he's working. When Stan says he took the night off, Marshall and Barney are like little kids when they suggest they all hang out. Stan says, "I can't. I've got a date." He then looks down at Robin. "You ready, Baby?" Robin grabs her purse and rises as she says, "Yep." Marshall suggests they stay at MacLaren's and have their date with him and Barney. I don't think Barney knows whether he's more jealous of Robin or Stan. "Yeah! It'll be fun. Ha ha ha. Look, I'm laughing." Marshall laughs, too. Barney adds, "It's fun here. Do you like magic?" He waves his fingers as if he's about to perform a trick. Stan then gives them the best break up speech. Robin honey, you should take notes. "Fellas, it-it's time we said good-bye. I mean, we shared a very special afternoon together, and that's something I will always cherish. I'll never forget you guys." Barney wipes a tear from his eye, and Marshall sighs as Robin and Stan walk away, chatting. Robin takes Stan's arm. "Do you even know their names?" Stan says, "No idea. Is the tall one Ted?" Robin corrects him. "No. That's Marshall. He's married to Lily." Who is blinvisible. Stan asks Robin if she likes chicken wings. Barney's still got his head in his hands. Robin says, "Oh yeah. Let's do it." And we fade to black.

Well, that was a fun episode, but not my favorite to recap. They didn't play with time and perspective so much as just jump around all over it. And as I said up top, I'm really feeling Alyson Hannigan's absence. This truly is an ensemble show, isn't it? Still, I love seeing Robin and Ted together as friends -- real friends. And Marshall and Barney are wonderful together. There was so much tonight in their performance that I can't put into words. Much of it was timing, but also -- just their looks. One thing I've always liked about this show is that I think the actors genuinely crack each other up. When Robin was laughing at Barney's Jesus-backstory for the Three Days Rule, I really think Cobie was laughing there, but I like that the show keeps those moments in. It's so much more real. I just can't believe we have only one week left. I can't wait to see how they wrap it up. 'Til next time, don't text drunk, whether on the fruit of the vine, or the wine of infatuation. LOL.

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