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It's another Lily-less episode, gang. It's cute, and fun, and yet? It's missing something. NAMELY: LILY! Alyson Hannigan's absence is keenly felt throughout the show. We know who's to blame, right? Yeah, Wee Denisof, we're looking at you. No bogarting your Mommy. She was ours first. We fell for her back when she was sporting Willow's hats and the softer side of Sears -- before she even knew your Daddy. You're just a new kid in town and yet you act like you own her. I hope they teach you how to share, because right now, kiddo? It's not your strong suit.

Barney, Robin, Marshall and NOBODY, sit at the booth, while Ted's up at the bar talking to Greenlee from All My Children. But I have to call her Holly right now. If you already watched the episode, you get why. If not, you soon will. Ted plugs her phone number into his cell and tells her he'll give her a call. She says she hopes he will and then leaves the bar. It's been a long time since I was single, and even longer since I was unattached, so I can't figure out why, if she really does want Ted to call, she leaves MacLaren's so soon. Maybe she has a "life" or whatever. I forget what that is. Anyhow, Ted does a little Saturday Night Fever-ish strut back to the table, bragging that he got her phone number. He flashes his phone at Barney, Robin, Marshall and NOBODY. "Check it out. Holly." Barney's impressed. "Girls whose names end in LY are always dirty: Holly; Kelly; Carly; Lily!" Oh fine, Barney, just rub it in. Marshall starts to take offense. "Hey!" He then gets lost in thought for a moment, then turns sheepish. "Oh, yeah. No, it's true." Barney then tell us not to get him started on girls whose names should end in Y, but instead end in I. "Those girls are like roller coasters. You've gotta wait in a long line, but once you get up there, you just hold on for dear life, and hope you don't drop your keys."

Ted decides he's going to call Holly immediately and make a lame joke about how it's been too long. Barney grabs Ted's phone from him and insists that a guy must wait three days to call a woman -- it's a rule. Ted says he has a new rule. "It's kind of crazy, but I call it: You like her? You call her." Oh bless you, Ted. From what I recall, guys like you were few and far between. Barney asks Ted to repeat that. "I'm sorry. I don't speak I Never Get Laid." Ted doesn't care. He thinks the Three Days Rule is played-out and crazy. "Who even came up with that?" Barney waits a moment, and then looks Ted straight in the eye. "Jesus." On my behalf, Marshall asks Barney to leave Jesus out of it, but it's too late.

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