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Ever since I learned this episode's title -- "The Stinsons" -- I've been earwormed with the theme music from The Simpsons, so I planned to call this one "Guy N. Cognito," but once I watched the opening scene, I couldn't get rid of my Beatles earworm, although it did get rid of that Simpsons earworm. Wait, it's back. Oh no, now they're dueling. Frak. Just thought I'd share.

The Fab Five are at MacLaren's, in their usual booth. Lily points out to Barney that there are "three blonde babies drinking bad decision juice" at the bar. I hope Zach adds "bad decision juice" to the HIMYM Lexicon. That's a good one. [Yeah, I need to update that thing with "Woo Girl," "Naked Man," "reading a magazine" and "possimpible." - Z] Marshall is impressed with his wife's scouting ability, but Barney's completely uninterested in the low-hanging fruit and says he has to get going. Lily's shocked. "Seriously? But they're blonde and drunk. Isn't that your type?" Right? Barney looks at Lily as if he's seeing a totally inaccurate picture of himself through badly damaged eyes. "Maybe I don't have a type, Lily. God, do you think the male mind is really that simplistic -- that we all have one favorite type?" Oh, oh, oh, I know guys who have two. Barney's not listening to me. He's too busy being self-righteous. He rises and sneers at Lily. "Geez." Then he leans in toward Ted and Marshall, "Asian with some boob." So, he's like the Brothers Winchester, then? Actually, I don't find that at all surprising -- at least Dean.

Barney takes off for the men's room before leaving, so the gang talks about how odd he's been acting lately. Ted saw him buying roses, despite his pledge never to buy anything living for a woman because it might remind her of babies. Robin's all, "What?" because she can't remember getting any roses and this week I'm firmly in the She's-Got-To-Know-Right? column. Marshall mentions that he overheard Barney on the phone at GNB, planning a brunch, a trip to the farmer's market, and then a hike. He ended the call with, "I love you, too." Marshall backed out of the office at the time, figuring Barney was just talking to some girl he wanted to nail, or Ted. Heh. Robin still looks perplexed, while Lily's eyes are wide with shock. She says, "Do you think it's possible that Barney Stinson has a girlfriend?"

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