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Of course this episode had to air the week I resolved to put the "wee" back in my weecaps. "The Sexless Inkeeper" is begging to be practically transcribed, and yet I've been sick for a week and a half, and my body is begging me to nap long and head to bed early. Why are Carter Bays and Craig Thomas trying to kill me, and how did they ever enlist that cute Jason Segel to help them? They'd better write me a "Sleepless Recapper" poem. I'm just saying. In the meantime, I'm going to gloss where I can and revel where I must. You ready? Okay.

MacLaren's: Ted has taken to wearing a tweed jacket. Barney points out that it's "textile of the eunuch," but Ted says he's wrong; ladies dig the professorial garb. I do, but mostly when Anthony Stewart Head is wearing it. Robin thinks he has a point and starts telling a story about her sexy 10th grade math teacher, Harold. My 10th grade math teacher was, in my opinion, a giant, disgusting perv. Allegedly. He told me way too many times to put my shoulders back and stand up straight. There was nothing wrong with my posture, and, allegedly, it wasn't my back he was looking at while he was talking, but I digress. Allegedly. Sounds like Robin and her teacher digressed and transgressed too, because she cuts her story short, then wonders if Harold is still in jail. When Robin lamely tries to cover for Harold ("for tax evasion...and other things"), the booth falls into an uncomfortable silence. Lily breaks it by inviting Barney and Robin over for a Couples Night. Yes, Ted, they're playing "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other," but since you don't flinch about this throughout the entire episode, who are we to judge? When Robin and Barney accept, Saget!Ted tells us Lily and Marshall's sad history of trying to find best couple-friends, and how bad they sucked at keeping them. We see clips of them trying to book New Year's plans in April, and otherwise trying way too hard. They even strike out with Ranjit and Falgunia (?). "I'm sorry Marshall, but Falgunia and I are just not that into you." He turns toward Lily. "And you." Saget!Ted points out that Robin and Barney have no idea what they've just agreed to, as we watch Lily plan their couples' night with military precision. But the hungry, desperate look in the Aldrin-Eriksen's eyes must tip them off, when they're greeted by their hosts. As soon as Lily's overly-earnest "Welcome," leaves her lips, Marshall offers them some of the cheese he's been carrying around for the entire scene. "Gouda?" We sideways slide to...

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