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Barney is reeling from his breakup with Nora and from being dissed by Robin, while Ted's lonely and miserable because of the hundred girls who have dumped him lately. So the two of them get really drunk and decide to adopt a baby and raise her together as two straight men. Because the writers have decided conveniently that Barney has this burgeoning desire to be a family man. Lovely. Couldn't they have found a child that he didn't know he had? There has to be hundreds and that would have been more in keeping with character. At least they have the good sense to keep his desire to bang his two hot nannies. Anyway, it isn't that long or arduous of a process for Barney to obtain a child, and soon the two straight guys are playing with a really adorable little girl that they've named Hurricane.

Turns out that Hurricane is really the newest addition to Barney's brother James' family. And James let Barney babysit the small infant child and take her from New York to Long Island without providing diapers or food or a well-trained medical professional. But seeing how excited James is about sharing the baby adopting process with someone he loves (and not someone who wants a pet cobra) makes Ted realize that he's willing to wait for the infamous mother who I've personally given up hope of ever meeting. Barney, however, may not have to wait that long, as he finds out at the end of the episode that Robin is pregnant. They didn't come out and say if he was the daddy, but there's definitely a chance that Baby Scherbatsky belongs to Barney and not Kevin. Can we hook her up with Lori from Walking Dead? They could probably chat for hours. Or Robin would ramble while Lori would blankly stare.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are getting closer to selling their home in Long Island, until they visit and see it set up with temporary furniture for an open house and decide that their apartment in Manhattan is just far too small to raise a baby in. Just like they did a few weeks ago, when they decided it was a bad idea. Now all of a sudden it's brilliant, and not just because of Lily's baby brain. There's some supposedly amusing physical comedy here, where Robin keeps breaking all their lamps and the turkey can't fit out of the kitchen, but I just didn't find it entertaining at all.

And then there's the Robin baby drama. She's unnaturally obsessed with Marshall and Lily staying in Manhattan, but won't tell them why. So she locks herself in the bathroom of their Long Island home during Thanksgiving. She receives visitors in the commode, especially if they are bringing cheese. When Barney (who was upset because Ted didn't think raising a baby together was wise after all) climbs through the window (which needs some better curtains if it is going to be a functional rest room), she spills the beans about her pregnancy.

There were some funny moments, most of them during the drunken conversation between Barney and Ted at the bar, but after that the episode just dissolved into slapstick, with the one big reveal at the end. Sure, that was an interesting twist (though it is Very Convenient that Barney wants to be a daddy just when Robin gets knocked up), but a decent cliffhanger here and there doesn't make for a good show.

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