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There's No "I" In Team And No "U" in Poo
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Are you ready for a quick and dirty weecap -- as quick and dirty as a matinee with Barney when he's on a sex quest? Good, because that's all I've got to give. Saget!Ted tells his kids that everyone has his own way of dealing with nerves. Personally, I played Bejeweled Blitz, but Uncle Barney copes by imagining CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz is interviewing him. Cut to Barney in a waiting area. A receptionist tells him "it should just be a few more minutes, Mr. Stinson." The actual Jim Nantz magically appears in the other chair and the show begins. Nantz notes every sport has its greats (e.g. boxing: Ali; basketball: Jordan) and "The sport of Sleeping with Random Hotties has my next guest." Barney's happy to be back on the show and listens intently as Nantz recounts his stats: "Over 200 women spanning six continents; 17 nationalities; 74 sexual positions; and not a single fatty." Send your complaints [and any issues with their low hottie count - Zach] to Bays, Thomas, Nantz, or CBS, please. I have 2 new hours of Lost to cover this week. Anyhow, Nantz goes on to say that "one laurel" has always eluded Barney. I grew up with a Laurel. I hope it was her. Oh, wait, they mean the... thing. Oh, forget this nonsense. Although the show doesn't reveal Barney's feat immediately, I'll just get it out of the way: it's the perfect week -- seven women in seven days. We flash back from Barney's Nantz fantasy interview to a week ago at...

MacLaren's; Night One: Barney, sitting with Ted, Marshall and Lily at the booth, closes his eyes and points towards the bar. Ted, in awed tones, says, "He's calling his shot." Whichever girl he picks out is the one he's going home with that night. Of course he then peeks and causes his finger to aim at the pretty blonde at the bar. He rises from the booth. "And... PLAY BALL." He reaches the bar just as Robin enters and heads for the booth. Lily asks her how her date with Dale went. Robin sits next to Ted. "You know sometimes, that guy with the horn-rimmed glasses and the Smurfs T-shirt is just being ironic. Sometimes, he is a dork with a lazy eye, and a love/hate relationship with Gargamel." Lily says that just because a guy is obsessed with a fictional character doesn't mean he's not husband material. Marshall: "Sasquatch isn't fictional." Me: "Since when is Robin looking for a husband? Hey, Robin. Haaaaaaave you met Ted?" The conversation is interrupted by the sight of Barney leaving the bar with Number 1, and Ted notes "That was quick." Barney does a little weird victory dance behind the woman's back and we cut back to...

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