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We're Going Streaking

And just when I thought this show might be back on track, this episode happened. We couldn't get two decent half hours in a row? Too much to ask?

We pick up after Punchy's wedding (not Barney's wedding, sadly) where Marshall is feeling remorseful about trashing Punchy and Kelly's big day. So much so that he makes a Sweeping Declaration that he's never going to drink again. Around the same time Garrison Cootes (Martin Short) calls and says that Marshall's got his dream gig at the environmental law firm, so long as his background check pans out OK. Marshall goes into a tailspin when a Google search turns up Beercules, his alter ego who likes to bare all and run around naked in public. Marshall appeals to his non-frat brother college pal Pete to take down "You Can Call Me Beercules," but ends up playing a game of Edward Fortyhands, which leads to more streaking. Marshall still gets the job. So all of this was moot.

Barney is trying to win back Nora, so he fakes a neck injury in order to garner sympathy. It doesn't work. So he ends up telling her about all of the lies he's ever told to get women into bed. It takes a while. She then decides to leave because she doesn't know if he knows how to be honest as he's a total sociopath (at least someone finally called that one out) and he says he's going to sit at the diner until she returns. Eventually she does. And not even after like a six-week stint or anything. Just like half a day later. Lame.

Ted's using his New York magazine fame in order to pick up girls at newsstands, and ends up dating two girls. I'd mention their names, but they are just filler. He takes Robin to some big boring architect dinner by playing into her confusion about Lenny Kravitz (just mean, Mosby -- you don't tease a girl with Lenny). And at the event he sees cupcake queen Victoria and gets all mushy. Now before I start wondering if Victoria's really the mother of whatever, I swear FutureTed said that Barney's wedding was responsible for the mother meeting (or re-meeting) not some lame architecture party? Maybe I'm hallucinating? Maybe someone's not keeping track? I honestly don't care anymore and at least Victoria is less annoying (mildly) than Zoey.

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