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The Magician's Code Part 2

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So remember that whole "Where Does that Door Go" story from "The Magician's Code Part 1"? It ends at the top of "Part 2" with Marshall passing through the door and discovering that it leads to an ordinary storage closet where the entire gang is waiting to shout "Boo!" Yup, that was absolutely worth the wait.

With that vital bit of business out of the way, we're back to where the season began -- at Barney's wedding, where Ted has been summoned to see the bride. But the future Mrs. Stinson's identity is going to remain a secret for a little while longer, as we flash back to the day Marvin Waitforit Eriksen entered the world. While ruminating on the magic of childbirth and his own desire to be a dad, Ted is rightly called out by Robin on his terrible track record at picking the right girl to settle down and have a family with. Herself, Stella, Zoey -- all of them have been the opposite of everything he claims to want. The one woman who did fit the bill? Victoria. Only problem there is that the last time Ted saw her, she was getting engaged. But Robin encourages him to call her up anyway on the off-chance that she never made it to the altar. Ted looks thoughtful and we find ourselves sincerely hoping that Victoria has indeed gotten hitched and moved away to Antarctica so she doesn't get drawn back into his self-destructive orbit.

No such luck, unfortunately. Ted does indeed connect with Victoria and she agrees to meet him for a drink at MacLaren's at 1:30 PM because she's got something happening at 2. Turns out that "something" is her wedding and she's got such a bad case of cold feet that running off into the sunset with Ted Mosby actually sounds like a good idea. Ted likes this plan too, at least until they're in the car bound for parts unknown and he remembers how much it sucked when he got left at the altar. So he turns around, fully intending to deliver Victoria back into the arms of her fiancé. But then the famous Mosby Madness seizes hold of him again and he drives on past the church as the sun sinks over the image of their clasped hands. Wow, just when we thought Ted couldn't become more of a dick. Obviously we're not in the 19th century anymore, but we'd be totally fine with Victoria's ex challenging him to a pistols-at-dawn duel. We'd even agree to accidentally "lose" his bullets the night before.

While Ted is busy ruining Victoria's life, Marshall and Lily are adjusting to life as new parents, which involves lots of diapers and feedings and little to no sleep. Beyond a solid two-hour nap, their main goal in life right now is getting the perfect picture for their birth announcement cards. Lil' Marvin isn't proving to be much help in this regard though and, neither, for that matter is their chosen photographer, Robin, who has a knack for catching the new family at their worst possible moments… like when Marvin is tossing his cookies on poor Lily. After plans to snap an appropriate portrait in nearby Central Park go awry, Robin winds up with a nabbing a cute candid photo of both parents snoring away on the bed with their baby in between them. And with that, we bid adieu to the Eriksen family until next fall. That'll give the writers plenty of time to write even more baby poop jokes for Jason Segel to deliver through gritted teeth.

And what of Barney, you might ask? Well, he mends fences with Quinn and the duo proceed to head off on a Hawaiian vacation. But they never make it out of airport security after TSA officers discover a suspicious cube in Barney's carry-on suitcase that's part of a magic trick he intends to perform once they're safely in the Aloha State. He only compounds the problem by refusing to reveal what's inside due to the "Magician's Code" that gives the two-part episode its title. After much prodding and poking from Quinn and the TSA officers, Barney eventually cracks and performs the trick, which ends with him pulling out an engagement ring and slipping it on his lady love's finger. Flash forward one last time to his wedding day and Ted enters the bride's room as the camera pulls back and reveals… Robin. Which may have been a bigger surprise had we not just seen clips of Becki Newton's new series The Goodwin Games at the Fox upfront earlier in the day. So after an entire season, we're basically right back where we started, with the writers having taken 24 episodes to stage a reveal that could have happened in the first five minutes of the premiere and had the exact same impact. Does this mean that next season we can watch the first episode and the last and skip everything in between? Seems like we'd get the same amount of story with far less filler.

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