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Limo. Ted is bitching out Barney for sleeping with the one woman out of three billion on the planet that he's had a long relationship with. Barney says he's horrified at what happened. Ted wants to know how it happened. "You mean... what position?" Barney asks. They start wrestling. Ranjit lowers the windows and cheers for Ted to hit Barney. Barney offers to let Ted hit him, anywhere but in the face. Ted punches Barney in the sack. Barney screams. "Who punches someone in the groin?" he asks. He finally decides he deserved that. He's happy to be past this. Ted says it's not just about Robin. He says he's seen Barney do some bad things to a lot of different people. Ted says he always thought he was Barney's limit. He asks if this isn't one of the Bro rules. "Yeah. And I broke it," Barney says, sadly. He says he's sorry. Barney mentions the Bellagio again. Ted says he's not going to Vegas with Barney to ditch his friends and girlfriend and hang out at some strip club. Ted brings up the box of stuff he has no more use for. "What does that mean?" Barney asks. Ted says that maybe Barney belongs in the box. Barney asks if Ted doesn't want to be Bros anymore. "I'm saying I don't want to be friends anymore," Ted says. Barney says this is going to ruin Vegas. Ted tells Ranjit to stop the car. Ted gets out and goes to look for a cab. Close-up on Barney. He looks devastated.

Ted gets home. There's nobody in the apartment. He puts down his work bag and climbs up to the roof through the fire escape as melancholy music plays. Cut to the limo. Barney is going to take a drink, but stops himself. Cut back to Ted. On the rooftop, everyone yells surprise. Ted smiles and nods.

We return to the bathroom and the goat. "Oh, right, the goat!" SagetTed says. Yes, the goat. Explain the fucking goat already. We see the goat chewing on a pink towel. SagetTed says this is funny and they're going to love this. He says later that night, the goat locked herself in the bathroom and was eating one of Robin's pink towels. He stops himself. "Wait a minute. Robin wasn't living here on my 30th birthday. When did this happen? Oh, wait the goat was there on my 31st birthday! Sorry. I totally got that wrong." And we cut to black. Seriously. That's it. No awesome goat joke. Just a hint that Robin will be living there in another year. However, this doesn't mean she'll be moving in with Ted. It could be that Ted is moving out and Robin is taking over the apartment. I mean, who wouldn't want to live above MacLaren's? So all the goat stuff didn't even happen this year? Then why was the goat there while they were waiting for Ted to show up and they had the conversation about Barney and Robin? SagetTed, you, sir, an unreliable narrator! Good night to you! I SAID GOOD NIGHT, SIR!

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