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Barney is still in bed. I admire that Barney is not so metrosexual that he waxes his chest. Robin, standing, says she's going to take a shower ("Till June") and that, because Barney was never here, she doesn't expect him to be there when she gets out. Barney agrees. "This never happened!" he says, cheerfully. He lies back in bed and keeps repeating it to himself. He looks sadder the more he says it.

MacLaren's. SagetTed says that pretending it didn't happen wouldn't make it any easier. Barney, having grabbed a Scotch from the bar, sits down with the gang. He's surprised when Ted asks him what it was like to "Penetrate that barrier." Barney is a little horrified. Ted says he and Barney were the first ones to hit it, at least at their table. Barney, eye twitching, says, "I, I, I, I..." Marshall says that he'll be hitting it pretty soon. "Yeah you are," Robin agrees, sexily. "When I hit it, I'm gonna go nuts!" Lily says. She says it's gonna last all night and she thinks she wants a clown there. Barney almost spits up his drink. Robin says she's a little scared of clowns, but for Lily, she's there. "What are you talking about?" Barney asks. Ted says they're talking about turning 30. Ted asks if Barney forgot his birthday, which is that Friday. "What kind of friend is this guy?" Ted asks. Barney nervously says he's the best kind and asks if these drinks are getting smaller. He says if this were a doctor's office, they'd tell him to try again. Nobody laughs. Robin plays it cool as Barney wheezes a little. Ted tells the group that he's sorting through his stuff and getting rid of anything he has no more use for. Ted asks if Barney wants his Xbox. Barney gasps. "Ted, she has a name!" he cries in horror. Hee hee. Barney, cracking, asks what he's being accused of. "Liking video games?" Ted asks. Robin excuses herself to go to the bar. Barney follows. Barney says this is awkward. "What is?" Robin asks. Robin puts up a convincing front in pretending nothing happened. Ted sneaks up behind Barney. "Hey!" he says. Barney ducks and cowers. Ted asks what they're talking about. He says he knows what's going. He knows about the surprise party they're throwing. Ted asks them to make sure they invite Stella. "Stella!" Barney cries, "you have a serious girlfriend now!" Barney makes a big show of saying, "Robin who, right?" No. Samantha. He says Stella makes this one look like a filthy bag of garbage. Robin continues smiling. Barney wishes Ted happy birthday.

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