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And...the streak is over. That's all right. Unless you're the San Antonio Spurs, such dominance is an aberration of nature. It tempts the Gods and makes them strike you down with lightning and locusts. This episode ends up being more serious than funny, which is a shame because they were really on a roll. That's all right. I'm sure they'll make it up to us next week.

In the year 2030, I still have hair on my head. A man can dream, can't he? Also, SagetTed's kids sit on the couch, looking more bored than usual. SagetTed says they've finally arrived at the story of his 30th birthday. The kids do not betray a second of change in their expression. He could be telling them about Holocaust 2012. SagetTed says it's also the time for the long-awaited story of... The Goat, which was mentioned in the "Milk" episode. We cut to a black goat with some white trimming on its face and flanks at it bleats in a small bathroom. Don't get too attached to the goat, folks.

Over an image of the New York City skyline, SagetTed says that the week was just like any other. Barney woke up, he says, in some girl's bed. We pan up a bed with a brown blanket and cream-colored sheets to see Barney and Robin lying side-by-side. Nice torso, Barney! Both look stunned and uncomfortable. Barney explains that the way this normally goes is they have a few moments of awkward chit-chat. "Check," Robin says. Barney tells her that he usually then makes up some "Cabinet meeting, heart surgery, rocket test flight" he has to be at. He sneaks out and never calls again. Robin finishes the story: he'll then tell his pal Robin at the bar about his latest conquest and she'll ask herself what kind of self-loathing idiot climbed into bed with Barney. Barney says she usually tells him that out loud. Barney puts his hand behind his head and...hey, nice bicep! Barney's really got it going on. Why cover all that up with suits? Barney moans that he just slept with his best friend's ex-girlfriend. Robin says she just slept with her ex-boyfriend's good friend. "Best friend," Barney corrects. Robin lays down the rule: she says as soon as her feet hit the ground, this never happened. Barney agrees. Robin starts to roll over, but Barney pulls the covers up to look at her naked bod. He says, "Right click, save as... in the 'bpeg' folder, OK!" I love that Barney doesn't even have to explain that "bpeg" is a proprietary Barney-peg image format. Barney repeats that this never happened. He says it's a good plan. Robin puts on her pink silk robe and says that now they go back to how things were before. You mean when there was so much sexual tension between you two? As Robin gets up to walk away, Barney stops her. He reveals that he totally nailed the chick from Metro News One last night. He raises a hand for some high-fivin'. What! Up! Robin reluctantly gives him five.

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