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The Final Four
And here we have one of the best episodes of the show, right up there with "Slap Bet" and "The Pineapple Incident." Is the episode great? On its face, absolutely. But what really puts it over the top is an unnecessary, but completely instant-classic end tag as well as a bonus Web site and song that are made of pure love for the fans. Yes, "A+." You bet your ass it's A+. Nicely done, HIMYM.

SagetTed tells his kids (who don't appear this week) that back when they were younger, Ted and Marshall were really into college basketball. Aw, you mean they lost the fever as they got older? How sad, SagetTed. How sad. We go immediately from a nighttime shot of NYC to Ted and Marshall writing up their brackets on a giant chalkboard in the middle of the apartment living room. Lily and Robin walk in as SagetTed says that they were overtaken by NCAA March Madness. Which is also airing on CBS, by the way. Just sayin'. Robin asks what's up with the big blackboard. "Big board equals big luck!" Marshall bellows. Lily says the board looks familiar. She asks where they got it.

Side-whoosh to Marshall, entering Lily's classroom. A custodian is mopping. Marshall, holding flowers, says he's looking for his wife. But it's Saturday. The custodian calls Marshall a dumbass as he walks out. Ted creeps in and they steal the blackboard. We see them rolling it down a city street. "Big board!" Ted yells. "Big luck!" Marshall screams back. Oh, boys.

Back at the apartment, Ted and Marshall say they're part of a giant bracket pool on Staten Island where the prize is $100,000 stuffed in a duffel bag. Marshall is stoked that the duffel bag is included. Lily says they lose every year. Ted says that this year, they've been watching all the games and keeping track of all the stats. He says this isn't March Madness. It's "March Meticulously-Thought-Outness." Oh man, I'm so in over my head. I may be a dude, but I know nothing about college basketball or brackets. Maybe one of the Fug Girls could help a brother out. Barney, who just came in while Ted was talking, shows them his iPhone. One of Ted's teams already lost. Ted didn't know they were playing today. He sits down, defeated. Barney sits down and sets up the episode by telling everyone that something strange is happening. Wait for it...

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