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Marshall Versus the Machines

Ted and Marshall run together, and Ted jabbers, wondering if he just puts people to sleep. Marshall literally collapses. He wakes up with a giant talking calculator leaning over him. He panics, "The machines have won!" But it's just a guy outside of an electronics store or something. Marshall yells that he can't get his wife pregnant. Maury walks by with some electronics. Ted wonders if this running has been about that, and Marshall says he wanted to prove his body could still do something. Ted says they've been trying for two months, not two years. And he says Ted should talk, with his good reviews and one bad one. The calculator tells then in equation form to get some perspective, so they knock him down. Lily pulls up then with Ranjit and tells Marshall to get in.

Ted's running and Barney's on his pedicab when they bump into Robin. They all see Gregor's and wonder where Marshall and Lily are, but Barney doesn't care. The three of them run toward Gregor's neck and neck, until Ted and Barney fall down. Barney yells: "No!" as Robin celebrates. She wonders how that happened, so Saget!Ted tells us: After Marshall got in the car, Lily got all super competitive, telling Ranjit to run Ted over if he's in the way. Then she realizes she was a bad friend to Robin. Marshall's like, "Uh, you wanted to run over Ted." She acknowledges she probably is trying to make up for not being able to get pregnant. They bond over the realization that they're both freaked out. Then they decide to stop freaking out, and to instead cherish and enjoy the time they have with just the two of them. When they get pregnant, they get pregnant, but they'll stop trying so hard and obsessing. "This isn't a race." Sounds healthy to me. They tell Ranjit to screw Gregor's and go to Coney Island.

Saget!Ted fills us in on how Robin beat him and Barney. He says Barney won't admit it to this day, but he saw Barney notice Robin's sad face (which he's familiar with, see? So Sad Face wasn't for nothing) when she asked about Marshall and Lily. Barney says he tripped, but Ted says it sure felt like he tackled him on purpose. And then he swears he saw Barney smile when Robin won (then he fakes the "No!" we saw originally). At Gregor's, Robin sits with Max and Ted with Barney. Ted tells him he knows what he did, but Barney doesn't confirm or deny. He just says that he drove a pedicab 26 blocks and still smells incredible. Saget!Ted confirms this to be true. Robin asks Max where Woody Allen is, and he points him out, but it's Maury again. Max says he always gets those two confused. Robin laughs. Ted says there was only one winner that day, but everyone got something from the race: Marshall and Lily snuggle in the car. Ted and Barney chat it up. Robin wouldn't see Woody Allen for a couple months, but she did become a New Yorker (just then, chatting with Max, she kills a cockroach on the table -- which we're thankfully spared having to see. And ding!). And that's all. There's no tag this week, sadly.

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