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"Sorry Bro" represents, I think, much of what makes this show different from so many sitcoms. It sails right over the choppy wake of last week's "The Stinsons" and right back into the center of my TV-loving heart, weaving a beautiful pattern throughout the story, one that sometimes doesn't stand out, until you get some distance from it. Well done, Show. Let's get to it, shall we?

Saget!Ted invites us in, narrating over shots of Robin at the Come On GET UP New York! anchor desk: "Back in 2009, your Aunt Robin got a job hosting a morning show, which meant she had to get up kind of early. How early?" The screen fades to black and a title card appears which reads: "1:45 AM." Oh, my. Since you don't actually exist, I can be completely rude: Are you sure you don't want to have a baby, Robin? Sure, the hours aren't any better at first, but they do improve, plus? You can keep your jammies on. Or off, for that matter. The baby doesn't care, as long you're not stingy with the dry diapers and the warm boobies.

Robin graciously ignores my meddling as she carries her morning coffee into the bar at the aforementioned 1:45 AM. She's bright as a penny and ready for work and a whole new day, while her friends are still washing the dregs of the last day off them, with copious amounts of MacLaren's booze. And while I get Barney being there, just because he's him, it seems a little strange that an architect, a lawyer, and a kindergarten teacher -- all of who are 30-ish -- are still at a bar at this time of the morning, on a weekday. But I was a mother at 28, so what do I know? No, I do not have an agenda. I'm just sayin'... Robin's friends tease her about the potential audience for a 4:00 AM show: people who getting up to host shows at 5:00 AM; meth addicts who haven't yet sold their TVs; strippers in that messy grey area between getting off work and getting their kids up for school; recappers who love the rush of staring a deadline straight in the eye. Robin takes it in stride, saying, "Them's my peeps." What up, Robin?

What she really wants is to find out what she's been missing since her latest schedule change. Marshall says, "Just the usesh..." (as in usual -- I don't know how to spell that). But Barney won't let it go at that. "Robin, think of the funniest thing that has ever happened... Now double that." Robin says, "So a chimpanzee wearing two tuxedos?" What is it about the monkeys, or -- well, I guess chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys, and I'm not inclined to piss one off as of late -- but why do we laugh at them so? Anyhow, Barney tells Robin, "Something even funnier than that happened to Marshall today." Marshall says that there's nothing funnier than the chimp in a tux, and his is just not that good of a story. Robin's unconvinced. She wants the dish from her friends, and she wants it now. Lily tells her that some weeks are like that -- the same old, same old. A kid in her class ate paste, and Barney deceived a less-than-brilliant girl into bed. Ted fakes a blasé face: "My ex-girlfriend Karen moved to town. It's just -- it's all the same, Robin."

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