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I sort of liked this episode for a bunch of reasons: 1) because we finally got a glimpse of the long-awaited titular mother (Cristin Milioti); 2) because Marshall finally had a storyline; 3) Casey Wilson; 4) but most importantly, because it was the season finale and now I don't have to think about How I Met Your Mother at all for a few months. And I need some kind of break from this show before we plow through the final season.

So shortly before Barney and Robin's big wedding, the dynamic duo decide that they are done with the planning and they should go to their favorite restaurant to celebrate and relax. But while there, they encounter a particularly annoying couple (Casey Wilson and Keegan-Michael Kay) who complain about everything (even the sight of cigars). In order to get back at them, Barney and Robin scheme together to get the Annoyings to split up. It works, but then they get together and Barney and Robin realize they did something good. Or whatever. This whole subplot was totally filler, but served as a way to show that the two people getting married are actually a well-suited couple (something this show has been lacking for a while). And part of me hopes that since Happy Endings is no longer, Casey Wilson might make a return appearance as Mrs. Annoying.

Over in Lily and Marshall land, they are still packing and Lily feels like she's forgetting something. I bet it's the baby. There's not even a sign of Marvin anywhere in this apartment and nary a mention of where her father will be living while they are away. But Marshall hasn't even told his mother they are leaving for Italy, and she rightly flips. So Marshall takes baby Marvin to Minnesota leaving Lily to "work" a.k.a drink with Ted. But while he's away, his mom gets more and more obsessed with the baby and threatens to come along to Italy with them. And he gets a call about that judge position he applied for ages ago (remember that?). Turns out he's got a job, but has to start pretty much the same day they'd be leaving for Italy. But why tell your wife immediately, when you can postpone until you see her in person at the wedding of your best friends that takes place only a couple days before you are supposed to leave?

Lily's obliviously enjoying her baby-free life (and one might question how this night is different than all other nights). She's with Ted and decides to go with him to Westchester because he's finally finished the renovations on his dream house. She's thrilled, but it turns out he's selling it to move to Chicago. Apparently holding Robin's hand in the park made him realize he still loves her, but he's moving away so she can be happy (we see flashbacks of Robin in a similar state when he was going to marry Stella). He thinks that there are no women left in New York for him to date, and Chicago will offer a different dating pool where he can meet his future wife. He's planning on leaving the day after the wedding, but Lily is the only one who knows.

He also mentions the locket to Lily and she knows where it is because she was with Robin one drunken night in Central Park. So Ted retrieves it from its hiding spot (in his apartment) and decides to give it to Robin as a wedding gift. As a way of letting her go. Or you could just let Lily do give it to her so there aren't any icky feelings of getting such a special gift from an ex-boyfriend when it has been established that said locket is a sign that she's supposed to be getting married.

Naturally -- as we see everyone montaged together getting ready to go to the wedding -- we get the last shot of the woman in those infamous boots with her yellow umbrella walking up to the train station window. While I thought for sure we'd just get a voice, we actually see the face of the infamous mother ordering her ticket to Farhampton.

A long time ago I'd have been let down that it wasn't a familiar face or someone that Ted had dated in the past or someone we'd at least met before, but at this point I'm just so grateful that we've at least seen the mother. It's hard to say we've "met" her since it was just a passing moment, but at least we've seen her face and that she's real and not a total figment of Ted's imagination. And I'm also hoping that this mom sighting will mean the end of this Ted/Robin merry-go-round for good. And obviously with the mom on the platform and Marshall getting a new gig, it looks like the gang will be staying in New York for the next year. Though that means Lily giving up her dream job for Marshall's dream job, and I'm not sure I'm thrilled about that. Whatever, I've got a whole summer not to care about it at all.

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