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Slapsgiving 2: Dark Willow Boogaloo

Robin offers the slap to Mickey, as a welcome-to-the-gang gesture. Mickey can't do it, either. He turns to Lily and offers her the slap for all the ballet recitals and art shows he missed, and the wedding gift he never gave to her. They hug, but Barney protests. "She's the Slap Bet Commissioner. She's supposed to remain impartial." Lily looks over Mickey's shoulder. "Slap Bet Commissioner says it's okay." Lily rubs her hands together in anticipation, but she can't do it either, and wonders why. Marshall says, "Because this slap has done exactly what I hoped. It's brought us all closer together. And it's caused us to recognize both the frailty and the greatness in ourselves and each other." Barney rolls his eyes. "Oh, give me a break." Marshall ignores that, kneels down, and while he's untying Barney, he announces that there will be no slap today. Barney marvels at his newly freed hands. "Oh my God!" He stands up. "This is the best Thanksgiving ever." And as he turns to face the gang, Marshall wallops him right across his left cheek, and sends him flying to the floor. Marshall raises his hand and four fingers. "THAT'S FOUR!" A beat. "So? Turkey?" Fade to black.

End Tag: It's a commercial, featuring Twister-esque style and happy kids. It's for the newest board game from Aldrin Games Unlimited: Slap Bet! The announcer says, "The slap-happy game that's a real hit." That's when the jingle kicks in. It's an upbeat version of our holy Slapsgiving hymn. Is nothing sacred? God.

You just got slapped
Across the face, my friend.

"For kids of all ages."

You just got slapped
Oh, that really just happened.
Oh, everybody saw it. HA!
Everybody laughed and clapped,
'Cause it was awesome
The way that you just got slapped

"Slap yourself silly with Slap Bet, the happy hitting game from Aldrin."

The announcer (Neil Patrick Harris) then reads the ensuing disclaimers: "No kids were actually slapped in the making of this commercial. Kids, slapping someone is a dangerous activity and should not be done."

It's winter hiatus time, which means lots of reruns, so work off your extra servings of pie in our forums. Happy Thanksgiving, and because I'm not sure how long the HIMYM hiatus will last, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too.

Look up Slapsgiving in our HIMYM Dictionary. And get the latest recaplets, weecaps, blogs and more on-the-go via your smart phone with TWoP's mobile site.

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