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Slapsgiving 2: Dark Willow Boogaloo

The bodega downstairs: Marshall finds Lily seated at the counter and says it's the last place he would have expected her to be (as Mr. Park was one of the aforementioned Dark Willow victims). He apologizes and says he's learned that family isn't a right, but a privilege. He said he kicked out Mickey and he'll never make her see him again. Lily spins towards him and cries. When Marshall asks her what's wrong, it all comes pouring out. "Marshall, I came in here because it was cold and this was the only place that was open. I wasn't even gonna look Mr. Park in the eye. And then I found out...Mr. Park died." When someone who was dead-to-her turned up dead to her, Lily felt awful and she realized that since she feels so bad about not making up with Mr. Park, "A guy who meant literally nothing to me..." Her confession is interrupted by the horrified and heartbroken sobs of a woman I assume is Mrs. Park, who scurries out of sight. Lily continues: "We've gotta go get my dad." Marshall takes his coat off to wrap it around Lily and we cut to...

Dowisetrepla Hallway: Mickey's just exiting the door as Lily and Marshall approach their apartment. Saget!Ted narrates, "So that's how on Thanksgiving 2009, your Aunt Lily performed a miracle." Lily and Mickey hug as Saget continues: "She brought a man back from the dead."

Dowisetrepla Dining Area: Marshall stands up and bangs a knife up against the wine bottle to get everyone's attention, even though they're already seated around the table. When they look up, he tells Barney that it's time for him to take his place on the slapping throne. Barney appeals to the Slap Bet Commissioner -- begging that he not be tied to the chair. Lily says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Less yappin', more slappin'." Marshall says it's two minutes before sundown. He asks Ted and Robin who's going to be the one to "slap Barney right in his face." Ted nods across the table at Robin, indicating that she should take it. Robin smiles and says it's going to be Ted. Ted asks, "Why me?" Robin says, "Last year, you got left at the altar. You lost your job. But you've come such a long way since then. I'm so proud of you, Ted. You deserve to slap someone in his face -- as hard as you can." Ted grins at her. "Thanks." Over on the throne, Barney complains that this is "the worst." Ted rises to slap Barney, warms up, but then checks his swing -- but not before Barney screams out, "MAMA!" Ted turns to Robin and recounts her recent relationship and breakup with Barney. "While I know you and Barney left it on good terms, isn't there some part of you, deep down, that wants to slap him right in his face?" Robin says, "There is." Ted says, "I know there is." Barney says, "This is basically hell on earth." Robin and Ted hug and then she approaches Barney. She shakes herself loose, and winds up, but when Barney squeals, "It hurrrrrrrrrrrts," before she even touches him, she can't bring herself to do it, either.

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