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Slapsgiving 2: Dark Willow Boogaloo

Living Room: Ted tells Robin why she should get the slap. He wants to be her Slaprentice. Robin tells Ted he should do it. He's a slap rock star. His name should be Eric Slapton. Ted insists that Robin do it, and Barney's so upset he demands that they put him in the throne and get it over with. Robin accepts Ted's offer, which angers Ted, because his offer wasn't sincere. He was just being nice. As the two bicker, Barney relaxes for the first time all day. "This is interesting."

Bedroom: Marshall tries to explain the importance of family to Lily. Lily then mocks his ridiculously close family, which includes video conference calls from Marshall to the weekly Eriksen family Sunday dinner. In the flashback, computer-screen Marshall leads the blessing. Hee. Lily says that's just weird, but Marshall wants their future family to be that close, too, and that includes her dad. Lily states in no uncertain terms: "That man will never cross the threshold into this home, ever." We cut to Marshall peeking out into the hall to update Mickey. He tells him it will just be about five more minutes. Mickey is seated on the hallway floor. He says, "Hopefully soon, amigo. I'm fighting a losing battle with hemorrhoids, here." And he doesn't mean one of the diseases in his latest board game. Did you have to go there, Show? I feel sick.!

Back in the living room, Robin and Ted continue to stake their claim for slapping Barney, which turns into an argument over who did more to rescue Marshall's perfect turkey from the Port Authority. Barney eggs them on, because they've only got an hour before their sunset deadline. Finally, Ted says, "You slept with one of my best friends!" Robin sort of reels back at that one. "What?! You -- you said you were okay with that." Ted yells, "Well, I'm not!" Robin says, "Well, why didn't you say something at the time?" Ted says, "Because I'm still in love with you!" Barney looks at him. Robin looks at him. Crickets. Finally, Robin says, "Do you really want to slap Barney so bad that you would lie about being in love with me?" Ted's knees buckle as he whines, "I really want to slap him, okay?" Robin walks away from him.

Just then Marshall follows Lily and the turkey out of the kitchen and into the dining area. He lays out all sorts of ways in which Mickey is trying to redeem himself -- getting his own place, getting a real job, paying off debt, etc. Lily wonders how Marshall knows all that. Marshall admits that he met Mickey for a drink last week, and conspired to fix things with him. In the flashback, Mickey tells Marshall that he always thought they'd make amends at her wedding, but he never got an invite -- never even saw any wedding photos. Present-Day Marshall narrates that it was at that moment, Lily's father broke down crying, but we're still in the flashback, where we see Marshall blubbering like a baby and inviting Mickey to Thanksgiving. Back in the present, Lily is incensed -- and says Marshall has no right. But Marshall says, "You and I are married, and that means he's my family, too." He then walks to the door and invites Mickey in, because that's not going to be uncomfortable, at all. Sheesh, Marshall. Why didn't you just leave a cheesy plate of ziti in the sink and be done with it? Commercial.

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