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Slap Bet

In the tag, we get more of the song, and at one moment where Robin giggles girlishly, Barney asks her if she had to do that every time. "Yes," she says unhappily, taking another swig of beer. In other news, it turns out that not only does "Let's Go To The Mall" feature a guy with feathered hair that looks like it unzips down the middle, but it also features an entirely random robot, which is a curious but not incorrect period detail. You know how iPods are now? How you reference them just to show that you're hip? Adorable robots were kind of like that once. Best line? "I'm going to rock your body till Canada Day," delivered in front of a giant maple leaf. You know, somebody in the Yukon Territory thinks that is porn, I promise you.

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How I Met Your Mother




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