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End tag: Alan Thicke rises to leave and exchanges parting pleasantries with Robin. Lily says she loves how they're still friends so long after doing the music video. Thicke says, "Music video? Oh, the "Sandcastles" video...Yes, yes. We did that together, too." Barney scurries over from the bar. "What do you mean, too?" Thicke says, "Well, we had this failed, Canadian TV variety show." Robin telegraphs for him to stop, but Thicke's on a roll. "That was so embarrassing. Imagine what would happen if anybody ever got their hands on that again." Robin knocks on his chest and laughs in a way that's meant to encourage him to leave. And he does. A beat. Barney sets his drink on the table. Robin sinks into her chair. Barney stands there. And then? He runs out of the bar, arms and legs flailing, like the Barney we used to know.

So, here's my thing. I am not a hardcore 'shipper for these two. I thought their leap from "we're doing something undefined" to "couple" was far too rushed. And I think their break-up was far too rushed, too. That said, I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. The show was focusing on them too much. That said, I think this could have been carried on a little more. Now granted, when future-Ted is telling his children about his pre-marital life, he's not giving them the week-by-week details. But... we are watching this show week to week. It's not just episodic to us. And I feel like someone said, "C'mere, I'ma tell you a different sort of love story in the middle of this romantic tale," and then pulled the rug out from under me. So yeah, maybe Barney and Robin didn't have their first argument just a week ago, but that's how it was told to me -- so that's how it feels to me. I don't know what to think. But I do know the episode left me feeling so very low down. The people in the forums are worried that this will turn into another Ross and Rachel. I'm not, but only because I tuned out when Ross and Rachel became... the annoying version of Ross and Rachel. Instead, I'm afraid this will turn out to be another Elliot and J.D. -- the couple that belonged together, but that the writers wouldn't put together until after it was clear Scrubs (or least Scrubs as we know it) was set to end. Give me Barney and Robin, or don't. But don't ruin them. I feel weird saying this in the middle of the season. It's sort of not fair. I'd never react this way when reading a book -- which is probably the fairest comparison to make to a TV show with serial elements. But? Yeah. No. Either fish or cut bait, writers. This is Ted's story. You could have had Barney and Robin continue happily (and/or unhappily) in the background, while you got to the fricking point. And, maybe that's your plan. I don't know. But don't squeeze them dry. Okay? I'd rather remember them as they once were than keep coming back to this depressing shite. And? Please. No more fat suits. K? Thx bye.

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