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Unleash the Kraken

Stake-out in front of Robin & Barney's favorite diner: Lily, Marshall and Ted are in a station wagon. Marshall's painfully disappointed, but Ted didn't want to spend the extra 25 bucks for a van. As Marshall spies on Robin and Barney with his binoculars, a guy in a robot costume comes up and is all, "Greetings, Will Robinson." Lily couldn't land a Storm Trooper. She thinks one robot is as good as the next, which sets Ted and Marshall off about how Storm Troopers aren't robots and blah. Next, a pizza delivery guy shows up at the station wagon, asking if someone ordered an extra large sausage pie. Ted cracks about how one of Barney's vids starts out like that. When the delivery man isn't sure "it" will "fit in" there, Ted just gets worse. Why the guy doesn't tilt the pizza box to get it through the window, I don't know. Then he asks if they shouldn't be in a van since they're on a stake-out. This re-ignites Ted and Marshall's kerfuffle about the extra dough a van would have cost. The robot wants a slice of pizza. Lily argues on his behalf with Ted, who is too cheap to share. Then? Alan Thicke shows up, and mentions he was looking for a van. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. There's more Star Wars Storm-Troopers-Are-People-Too/It's the Death Star quibbling between Lily and Marshal. Alan Thick reluctantly plays the "I'm Alan Thicke card," which probably doesn't work on anyone. The pizza guy bitches about no one taking his sausage. That brings Ted back to Barney's porn. The robot is, "Jonesing for some 'za." Thicke drops his own name. Again. The pizza guy says, "This ain't what I signed up for," which Marshall had been dying to say (if only they had a van). Finally, Lily lays the smack down on everyone, but is she in time?

At the end of her rant, Lily takes the binoculars and trains them on Barney and Robin in the diner -- only to see them looking right back at her. After a commercial break, crazy Meg shows up, hopeful that Barney will propose to her. Ted says, "Oh, honey." Marshall wants to abort the mission, but Lily will not leave her masterpiece undone. Thicke drops his own name one more time. Meg gets crazy eyes as she says, "You're Alan Thicke?" Thicke denies his name and Lily tells him he's up -- and sends him into the diner to meet up with Barney and Robin. Crazy Meg is sent in next, then the robot, and the bus boy and his stack of dirty dishes finishes the scene. But Barney and Robin? They just walk away from the crazy and kiss.

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