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Usually, I save my analysis for the end, but I just have to get this off my chest. Regardless of the fact that it was well done, this episode left me depressed as all get out. I mean, it took an hour-long dose of Eddie Izzard to burn off my funk. And the thing is, here's the thing: well, wait, there's more than one thing. 1.) I did want to see Barney and Robin together. 2.) My enjoyment of the series didn't hinge on Barney and Robin being together. 3.) I hate how they were put together AND how they were broken apart. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. --Willow. Oh and **SPOILERS** that's what this episode is -- the BIG BREAK-UP. Which would be cool, if it had been cool, but it wasn't, so I don't think it is. AAaaaaaaaaaanyhow... My point is that grading it was a bitch. I mean, granted, I do pull my episode grades straight out of my ass, but this one took a lot of pulling. And since I've committed it to pixels in my draft, I've changed my mind a million times, but in the end, I decided to go with the C+. It probably deserved better, BUT... it left me feeling low, and to me, a sitcom's purpose is to... you know, take the weight off. So. And in conclusion? There. That said, I didn't hate it or anything, so read on...

We actually see Ted's kids in 2030 in this one, which is a plus. Hey, kids! The daughter looks a little different, though. Saget!Ted tells the kids that "Uncle Barney" has always had strong opinions on relationships, while we flash back to 2008. At MacLaren's, Ted introduces a busty beauty to the gang, and Barney tries to parse the word girlfriend, and fails on purpose. "Do not humanize the enemy, Ted." Robin looks on and laughs. By the fall of 2009, Barney is turning over his porn collection to Ted at the apartment. Robin, Lily and Marshall are also present, as is Barney's new friend -- his relationship gut. It's just a pot belly, really. Marshall calls him out on having "relationship gut," but then gets in trouble with Lily for miming how fat she's been at times. Funny, considering the lengths to which the series went last season to hide Alyson and Cobie's pregnancy bellies. And you know, I'd vowed to myself not to mention this since he fixed the hair issue, but Jason Segel's Marshall has been looking none too svelte these days, either. I'm just sayin'...

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