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We open on Lily, Marshall and Ted sitting at their booth at MacLaren's, when Barney enters to surprise them with 5 front row tickets to "Robots vs. Wrestlers." Marshall and Ted can't believe it. Barney: "You've heard of Robots vs. Wrestlers?" Marshall: "Never." Ted: "But we assume it's some sort of sporting event that pits ROBOTS against WRESTLERS." Barney: "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS... according to the website." Lily then calls attention to the 5th ticket -- asking who it's for. Barney acknowledges that Robin decided to stop hanging with them to concentrate on her relationship with Don. "But this is Robots. Versus Wrestlers!" Marshall says it's impossible to say no to that and we cut to...

Come On, Get Up New York Set: Robin is speaking on the phone at the anchor desk: "No to that." She has plans: Don's making her Chinese. Lily (on the Dowisetrepla couch): "I'll assume you're talking about food, otherwise I have some follow-up questions." Robin apologizes but she has to give "this thing" with Don a chance, and going out drinking every night with a gang that includes two of her exes doesn't seem like enough of chance. Lily understands. They end their call, and Robin turns to the camera. "Sorry, New York. I had to take that. Now where were we? Oh, right. Bus crash." Come On, Shut Up Robin. Seriously, Show? Lily can't get her ass out of bed to watch Robin's show, but she's up to call into it with a personal question, while it's on? And Robin -- the Robin that hated Don before he sprouted a bunny tail or duck feathers or whatever -- remember her, Show? Robin held Don in contempt because he didn't care about the show -- you know, like HIMYM's writers in season 5. Now she's chatting on the phone to a friend about her current beau, her exes and drinking every night, and she's doing this while on the air? Whatever.

MacLaren's: Barney can't believe Robin said "No" to their most important group tradition. Lily points out they've never gone before, so how can it be a tradition. Barney's response: "It's Robots vs. Wrestlers, Lily." Barney's disheartened. He says this is how it starts -- friend drift, that is. The next thing they know, Lily and Marshall will be having a baby. Lily assures him that's a long way down the road. Marshall corrects her. "It's down the road, in a medium way." They barter back and forth for a while. Finally, Ted breaks in and tells Barney he understands: friendships are important. "In fact, Emerson wrote a great poem entitled 'Friendship'. You guys are going to love this.: A ruddy drop of manly blood/The surging sea outweighs." Barney makes what I was going to describe as a "raspberry," but the show later calls it a fart noise, so why should I be any nicer? Marshall and Lily laugh as Saget!Ted narrates from the future that that's how it had always been for him with his friends. "Anytime I try to get a little high-minded..." We flash to...

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