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Stella Is Not The Mother, M'Kay?
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Okay, straight off I need to thank Kate, Kehley, Bobbie-Jo, Renee, Xara, Rachel, Carolyn, Betsy and Lyssa for clue-sticking me in e-mail. I'd forgotten that Ted ended up with the yellow umbrella at the end of "No Tomorrow." Thanks, y'all. And thanks to everyone on the boards, too. I've watched the entire series, but I wasn't recapping it until this season and don't have as firm a grasp on the details of seasons past. Back then it was just a... TV show (to me, obviously). A sitcom, even. Nobody told me there'd be a quiz.

Weirdly enough, I also got a lot of e-mail in which people took great pains to explain to me that Stella isn't the mother. Thank you?, but I did already know that. Well, okay, I don't know any more than anyone else knows. I'm not spoiled or anything, but I didn't say Stella was the mother in the recaplet (and wasn't thinking that when I wrote it). Maybe people just needed to vent in my direction, which is fine if it keeps them off the streets. A whole lot of other people are absolutely freaking out all over the rest of the Internet, posting things OMG STELLA CAN'T BE THE MOTHER and i thot teds kidz were brunet r they blond now or wut? (those people don't post on TWoP, at least not for long) and If Stella's the mother I'm burning my TV and scattering the ashes over Schlegel's Bagels. I really don't think Stella is going to be the mother and will get into my reasons at the end of the recap, which I can't do until I get to the beginning and through the middle, so... shall we?

What I like about this episode is that, while setting up the future, "Right Place, Right Time" also reinforces the theme that has run all through the series -- all these little steps we take seem like nothing when we take them, but are all part of this journey that is life. So when Ted meets his first potential clients as an independent architect, they don't have to be the ones who will fulfill his dream of leaving a landmark in the Manhattan skyline. Just pitching to clients (even for a job that leaves him uninspired) is a necessary step in Ted's journey.

Fortunately for us, it's an amusing step, because the potential clients want Ted to build their restaurant, "Rib Town" in the shape of a Stetson. I wonder if they ever ate at The Pie Hole. Don't look at me like that. They live in my TV. It's just inches from HIMYM to Pushing Daisies, because I refuse to delete it from my TiVo until those troglodytes at ABC show us the rest of the season. I mean shoot, they haven't canned Cupid yet, for heaven's sake, so it's not like they have anything better to put on the air. Sorry. I'll get back to it. I do wish I had some pie, though. Pie would help my concentration. Mmmmm, pie.

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