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Dumb and Hot

In the hall outside his apartment, Ted's telling Zoey all the reasons he "hates" her. She's stubborn, argumentative, and what kind of name is Zoey? Short for Zoseph? Her phone rings, and she answers. It's Marshall. She's like, "Yes, I am. Yes, I am. He is?" She smiles a little then tells Marshall bye. Then she asks Ted to go on. He keeps insulting her, but she gets happy instead of sad. Ted's phone rings, and she tells him he better take it. His end of the call: "She is? She is? Marshall, I gotta go." He hangs up and kisses her in the hall. They're still kissing in the tag, and the neighbor lady across the hall comes out to see with her phone on. She walks back inside and whispers, "They're kissing." Marshall, on the other end, "They're kissing?! They're kissing!" Marcus and his mom celebrate with him.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, didn't think she'd like this Zoey and Ted thing when it finally happened, but doesn't mind it a bit. You can contact her at

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