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Cut to Robin congratulating Ted for not taking advantage of poor, helpless Honeys. Ted says there's actually another reason he didn't go home with her. Marshall's mom, listening in on his phone call: "He's gay?!" Marshall yells at her. Then it cuts back to Ted, who tells Robin the reason is that he's in love with Zoey. Marshall and his mom: "Oh my God!" Then Marshall yells at his mom again. But they're obviously the only ones surprised, because what other point did Zoey's character have? Marshall tells Robin that Ted needs an intervention because Zoey's married. Robin thinks it's funny he should say that, and we cut to Ted and Robin's apartment with a giant "INTERVENTION" sign. Everyone but Zoey and Marshall is there, and they all wonder who called the intervention. Ted says it was him, and it's for himself. Lily hopes it's about the coffee breath. Robin thinks it's the shoulder hair. Barney votes it's about him wearing a ladies watch. But he tells them it's because he's in love with Zoey, who's married, so it needs to stop. He asks them to intervene. Lily asks if he's sure it's love, and he takes us back to the broken ketchup bottle, which happened because their fingers touched and he felt the love. Marshall's brother, Marcus, is listening in now and mutters, "Wuss!" Marshall tells him to butt out of the private conversation.

Robin keeps going, though, and we're back with Ted saying this is love he feels for Zoey. And the watch was his grandmother's. Ted wants to end his friendship with Zoey, but Robin thinks that's harsh. Lily says a single guy and a married woman cannot be friends if one of them is in love with the other. Robin says she's friends with all of them now, and he can't just ghost out on her, because she'll always be around. She tells Ted just to shut down the feelings and ignore them. If she asks him for ketchup, tell her to get it her own damn self. Robin says she likes Zoey, who helped make her dinner party a success. She tells him to just shut the feelings down. Lily agrees and adds, "And seriously: mouthwash after coffee."

Marshall's getting a call on his other line from a number he doesn't recognize. Robin tells him not to answer it, but then makes fun when she realizes he has to because of his Minnesota politeness. So he does, all "Eriksen residence. Marshall speaking." It's Barney, who has a new number because too many crazies have his old number. He's all about disposable cell phones now. He uses one, has fun, then dumps it and gets a new one. Then he does the same with the cell phone. Then Barney says Robin doesn't know how to tell a story, so he'll tell Marshall what really happened with Zoey and Ted. Back at MacLaren's, only this time Honey's all about Barney and completely ignoring Ted. Barney says Ted tried to impress her, but "bored the pants very much on her." Cut to MacLaren's, where Ted says, "Blah, blah, blah, I'm an architect. Blah, blah, I don't wear suits. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... Rambling architecture anecdote, blah, blah. Something about a bridge. Blah." All the while, Honey and Barney make eyes at each other.

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