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Dare to be Stupid

I know my boss thinks that I am going to be all excited about this episode because of that one time in college I danced on stage at a Weird Al concert in a potato costume, but I'm not. The brief appearance of Mr. Yankovic wasn't particularly funny, and as an adult, I'm more interested in the dulcet tones of Canadian parodist extraordinaire Peculiar Jacques. Actually, novelty music holds little appeal for me these days… much like this show.

It's really hit or miss, and this disgusting episode which essentially played the game of "what if you had sex with your parent" was a waste of not only Weird Al, but also Wayne Brady. And frankly, I'd never thought I'd be defending the poor use of either of those guys' time. God, next week I'll probably be saying they wasted Katie Holmes' talent. That's what this show has done to me. It's a sad state of affairs.

So the actual plot? It's simple. Barney and Nora are going to have sex for the first time, except along the way she breaks a tooth ice skating, gets attacked by a street rat and together they witness a newspaper-stealing man commit suicide. All of which doesn't dampen the mood for Barney, but hearing Nora sing the least sexy version of "My Favorite Things" ever, juxtaposed with images of his mother (Frances Conroy) singing the same tune turns Barney off. Yet, he "turns it around." In the exact way that you think he means that phrase.

Kevin (Kal Penn) is the one who tells the gang that it is natural to find a mate who has traits that you appreciate in your parents, so when a pregnant Lily is trying to get in the mood Marshall creates a board game. Unfortunately, this reminds Lily of her dad (Chris Elliott) who loves to make up games of his own. And for Marshall, Lily bears resemblance not to his mom, but to his dad (Bill Fagerbakke), so when they try and have sex and talk about riding each other, it's... awkward.

Ted just feels like the third wheel in Robin and Kevin's relationship. All he wants is someone to go to a Weird Al concert with, and he finally finds a girl at a bar who appreciates his ability to quote Al's lyrics... even though she reminds him of his mom (Cristine Rose). Also, Ted claims to have inspired Weird Al's "Like a Surgeon" when he was eight.

That's basically it. Kevin gets mad at the dysfunctionality of everyone, but that seems to be his one note for this guest gig. I'm guessing that Penn lost a bet to NPH somewhere on a Harold and Kumar set and this dud of a role is his punishment. As for Fagerbakke, Elliott, Conroy and Rose.. they signed on before they knew how bad this show would get ... and at least they gamely went for it... even if "it" is about as good as a terribly executed SNL sketch. Was Paul Rudd not available to make out with his parents?

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