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It also transitions us to Lily walking around the museum. She sees an exhibit called "College Marshall" with stoner Marshall in it, eating a sandwich. She tells him she wants him back, because he's changed. He asks if he cheated on her or something, but of course he didn't. He asks if he stopped writing poems for her, and she says he did, but she's okay with that. He asks if he's not as good at sex, but she says he's way better now, lasting two or three times as long. She says it's just that the new Corporate Marshall wears suits and doesn't care about saving the world. She wants him back. College Marshall says she can't have him and points out that the sign says "Extinct." He says he's gone the way of Jane's Addiction, and she tells him they got back together. He gets super-excited. Then he tells her that Corporate Marshall might wear a tie and everything, but it sounds like he hasn't changed where it counts. Corporate Marshall comes up behind her then, and College Marshall watches as Corporate Marshall tells her he knows she was okay with him being poor and wanting to save the world, but can she be okay with him making a lot of money and spoiling her and the kids? She says they can make it work and kisses him. They walk away, and College Marshall sarcastically applauds Corporate Marshall's stamina.

Robin and Barney are sitting at a table now, drinking. She asks when was the last time he saw Jerome, and he says it was that day: July 23, 1981. After he got in trouble at the museum, his mom was mad that Jerome let Barney destroy a New York City landmark. Barney thinks he moved away. Robin says that maybe the security guy got it wrong, and they don't know. But Barney interrupts that that's the thing: He does know. "He's my dad." She asks if he wants to... But he says he doesn't want to do anything, and asks her not to tell anyone about this. Cut across the room to Ted, who's telling Monocle what a great look it is, but he wonders if it costs half as much as glasses. Zoey comes up and pulls Ted away, to the lobby area where everyone's dancing now. He grabs her to dance, but she asks him what he's doing. He thought she wanted to dance, so they do. She tells him she erased the tape, because she wants to beat him fair and square, but he shouldn't think it's over. He tells her she looks ugly when she cries, even though some girls look cute. She tells him to laugh it up now, because starting Monday, he's in her crosshairs. They gaze into each other's eyes as they continue to dance next to the dinosaur statues. Could she really be the mother? I thought the mother wouldn't be a blonde because of the kids' dark hair. But maybe. Though it would also be odd if she had been previously married to someone named The Captain.

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