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When everyone leaves Marshall and Lily alone, Lily smirks to Marshall about the absurd possibility of him being the future of GNB. Marshall says he forgot to tell her that Arthur offered him a five-year contract. She tells him not to turn Arthur down here in public, based on her experience breaking up with Scooter at the prom. Marshall tells her he thinks he's going to accept. She's much more shocked than someone who needed him to get a job to pay off her debt has a right to be. In the corner, Robin and Barney stand by a mannequin wearing a costume that is supposed to be an ancient Egyptian outfit, judging by the looks of it. Barney reaches out and touches it, then groans, "Ah! That's the stuff!" And we're finally at the opening (and four minutes in). If it continues at this fast pace, we could be here awhile.

Robin's unimpressed by Barney's quick touch of the thing and rubs it a little. So he picks up a flap on the outfit and bangs it up and down. She gets serious and touches it without letting go. Barney does the same thing, and grabs her ass with his other hand. She's not into that at all. Out in a lobby of the museum, Marshall and Lily fight about him staying at GNB, when Ted rudely interrupts and tells them a fun fact: If you stand right there and whisper, people on the other side of the room can hear you, despite all the other crowds and noise. He says it's one of the most sophisticated pieces of acoustical design in the world. He whispers "diarrhea" and the people across the room hear. Lily and Marshall get back to their argument: She thinks he hates GNB, but he doesn't hate all of it. He says tonight is pretty fun and high-class. Ted, still next to them, whispers "poo poo" then "pupu platter." Across the room, a woman turns to see who said that, and it's none other than Zoey. Ted says her name then, but she doesn't seem to hear that. Hmmm. That's convenient.

Ted walks around the giant statue in the middle of the room and approaches Zoey. He asks him what she's protesting here tonight, and she replies with a quip of her own: that he must be here to knock down this beautiful old building. She asks if she can finish her drink first. Then The Captain comes up, calls her "Darling" and kisses her. Zoey introduces Ted to her husband. Ted: "Yeah, old stuff's great." I'm not sure I've ever seen this much continuity in one episode of this show, and we're still only eight minutes in. [And they're nowhere near done! - Zach]

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