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Saget!Ted tells us, his future kids, about one day when he was reading the newspaper in 2010. I find it hopeful that, in this future world, his children understand what a newspaper is without having to have it explained. Anyway, said newspaper contains an op-ed by Zoey, all about what a big mean jerk he is. I paused on it, and it's actually a pretty standard-looking newspaper story (though more boring), but I will type -- for your pleasure -- the one paragraph about Ted (the rest is about general architecture being destroyed by business, blah, blah, blah GNB cakes).

"The unwelcome new addition to midtown of a garish, glass and steel monolith is made all the worse by the unsightly billboard on the front of the egocentric architect of destruction, Ted Mosby. Mosby chose to dress in a wizard's costume for the banner, taunting the entire city, as if the destruction of lives and history is nothing more than a jovial costume party for him. This fat-cat architect has forgotten the whole point of his architectural training is to create, not destroy. But I'm sure it's easy to forget your purpose while you're getting drunk of [sic] champagne and power."

I will also note that Ted says the piece ran on a Saturday, but the folio at the top of the page I paused on says "Sunday, Nov. 6, 2010." Anyway, it's crossword puzzle day (so why not say Sunday? That would be more accurate in New York anyway) for "Dad," as he tells us kids, and this op-ed piece Zoey wrote ran on the same page as his puzzle, totally ruining his day. Ted tells Barney and Marshall how absurd it is that she singled him out and called him and his friends "fat cats." Well, technically, that's not what she wrote, but okay. Barney and Marshall, suited up in tuxes, agree, and get all British about it as they toast their Scotches "to industry!" Saget!Ted admits they weren't the skinniest of felines that night. But that's just because they were going to the Natural History Museum's Autumn Spectacular, attended by some of the most important and powerful people in New York, and now them -- thanks to Goliath National Bank.

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