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Club Laser Tag: Ted, Robin and a still-broken Barney are just about done TPing the club when McCracken walks in and bellows, "Stinson!" He softens his tone as he approaches Barney. "Son, you have been a pain in my ass ever since you joined this club." He looks around at the new decorations to his place. "...But damn it, if this ain't some of the finest TP work I've ever seen." Barney looks up with hope shining so brightly from his eyes that it bounces off his eyebrow piercing and nearly blinds me. McCracken continues: "You're reinstated, effective immediately." Barney straightens up as best he can and wonders if it's really true. McCracken closes in as if he's about to embrace him, then gets right in his face. "Hell, NO! I'm calling the police." He steps back, shaking his head. "Grown-ass man with pink hair throwing toilet paper. You've got to be kidding me. I'm too old for this sh--" Saget!Ted says, "Stuff. He said stuff." And we fade to black.

In honor of little Satyana Denisof's birth, I made a couple of little lists below, noting how HIMYM dealt with Alyson and Cobie's pregnant figures in this episode. Did you spot these:

Baby Bump Blockers
- Robin in Ted's apartment: A magazine.
- Lily in Ted's apartment: A dish towel AND an enormous pink scarf that might be bigger than Alyson Hannigan's entire body.
- Lily at Basketball: The scarf AND a two gallon tub filled with orange slices AND a rack full of basketballs.
- Robin in Ted's apartment: A laundry basket.
- Lily, seated, at Basketball: A 5-gallon water cooler, a stack of cups, a basketball.
- Lily in a gym flashback: A guitar.
- Lily in a gym flashback: A jacket she's balled up and his holding over her stomach, and a rack of basketballs.

Baby Bump Bloopers
- Despite the dish towel, scarves, cooler, basketballs and the guitar, there's not a whole lot of hiding the wee Denisof in any scene.
- During the first "Gentleman's Agreement" in Ted's apartment, the outline of Robin's bump is slightly visible underneath her canary yellow top.
- At MacLaren's, Robin's bump is visible under her dark, sleeveless top, as she walks up to the bar.

Discuss this episode in our forums, then add "Murtaugh List" to our recently-updated-and-yet-still-magically-incomplete HIMYM dictionary!

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