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I Won't Grow Up

Back at Ted's apartment, Barney tells Ted that he isn't too old to do anything on the list. "In fact, if you did everything on the Murtaugh List, I'd call that a pretty fun weekend." Ted disagrees. "Barney, you are not 18 anymore. If you did everything on that list, you would die!" Barney lowers his beer from his mouth and looks off into the distance. Ted realizes what's happening and says, "That wasn't a... challenge." Barney interrupts before Ted's gotten the last word out. "Challenge accepted." He rises to his feet and says he's going to complete Ted's entire list in the next 24 hours, and if he's successful, Ted will have to help him TP Club Laser Tag. Ted says, "And if you can't do it?" Barney squints. "I will spend three hours listening to you talk about architecture." Ted says it's a deal and asks Robin to "do the honors." Barney and Ted clasp hands. Robin grabs their forearms and directs their handshake and says, "A gentleman's agreement!" Ted and Barney respond, "Huzzah!" Hee! Barney's pumped, and marches off toward the bathroom yelling, "Bar-neeeeeeeeeee Ah Stinnnn-son!" Once they're alone, Robin wonders whether Ted was wise to engage in the bet, given how Barney is about stuff like this. Ted scoffs, saying there's some pretty hard stuff on the list. "I mean, do you really think Barney's gonna get his ear pierced?" Barney returns from the bathroom, holding a roll of toilet paper to his ear. At first, I think it's still in the wrapper, which would have been weird, if funny. But oh, no -- that scarlet pattern is not ink, but Barney's blood. He reviews the list as he walks past Robin and Ted. "'Get ear pierced'. Check!" Next, he's off to do his laundry at his mother's house. Commercial.

Barney brings a futon to Ted and Robin's place so he can crash on it, rather than in a hotel, and thus complete another item on the list. Robin says, "Ooh, I am too old for that stuff." Ted takes a good look at Barney's new piercing. "Dude, what's going on with your ear? Looks like the inside of a Jack-O'-Lantern on November 3rd." Barney tries to shrug it off. "What, this? It's just a little infecshhh. Nothing a young guy like me can't shake off. Plus, 'Put off going to the doctor'? On the list." His phone rings, and when he raises it to his right ear (the pierced one), he howls in pain. The camera pans to Robin who is holding her own cell phone. She cackles. And we cut to...

The School Gym: Marshall hollers at the little guys still working on their suicide sprints, then turns to Lily. "You know what's funny, is I was supposed to come here to teach them." He stops to yell at his charges, again. "Do not stop running!" He then continues talking to Lily. "This whole time, they've been the ones who are teaching me." He stops when he's distracted by something on the court. "Hey!" He takes aim and hurls the basketball at an unseen child. "That's not running! That's falling!" If you get a chance to play poker with Jason Segel, don't be afraid of his poker face. I'm just sayin'.

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