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Marshall, Ted and Barney are laughing and enjoying themselves when Lily enters MacLaren's and sits next to Barney in the booth. Barney tells her he heard this great joke at work today, but Marshall and Ted try to talk him out of telling it to Lily. It's boy-funny, not a girl-funny, whatever that means. [Usually, it means horribly dirty, and offensive to women. - Zach] Barney rails that they're being sexists. Funny is funny and Lily is cool. They bicker back and forth for a moment, and finally Lily talks Barney into telling her the joke. "Lily, what's the difference between peanut butter and jam?" Ted can't look at them. Marshall covers his mouth and snickers. Barney looks to them and says, "See, it's funny?" Again, Ted says, "It's boy-funny," and Marshall warns, "She's not going to like it." Lily asks why they won't let her decide and then turns to Barney. "What's the difference between peanut butter and jam?" Saget!Ted narrates: "And then Barney said the punch line. To this day, it's still the dirtiest joke I've ever heard in my life, and no, I'm not going to say it." It's funny to hear that line come out of Bob Saget's mouth (Saget is the voice of future Ted, and hence my "Saget!Ted") since his standup is so very blue.

Anyhow, the camera zooms in on Barney's mouth, and although we see his lips move, there is no sound. Lily's nostrils flare. She grabs her purse and looks at Barney with no love in her eyes. "Yeah, I can't hang out with you any more." She leaves MacLaren's. Barney protests that it's a funny joke, but Lily never looks back. Saget!Ted narrates, "And we didn't see Lily for four weeks." And we don't see her at least for the rest of this episode, which I think throws off the chemistry. Badly. I'm so glad for the Hannigan-Denisof family and their new addition, but damn, I miss our girl. A couple of people in the forum wondered if that line meant Marshall didn't see Lily for four weeks, either. I think a couple of people in the forum are on the drugs. [Hey, the thought crossed my mind as well. - Z] Moving right along...

What? You want to know the joke? Well, I've heard dirtier (and Saget's said dirtier), but I've heard way funnier, too, as has my husband Scott, who was a boy the last time I checked, and didn't laugh. If Barney were here I'd make him mock up a dirty/funny scale a la the hot/crazy scale, to see if it was worth repeating here. But since he's fictional, and is not here, that's not going to happen. If you haven't yet figured out the joke, I'll note that the very first post in the episode thread has the punch line. TWoP Barnes must be so proud of her charges -- who I do think are on the drugs.

And don't look at me like that, MrCoffeeNerves. Caffeine is totally a drug. One of my favorites.

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