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Little Boys

New York City at night. SagetTed tells us in voiceover that it was Saturday night in the big city and the young metropolitan set (there were two of them?) were living the kind of crazy lifestyle you could only have here. Shots of club-goers and limos juxtapose humorously with what we'll see next: in the apartment, Robin is tossing peanuts (I sure hope they're just peanuts) into the air and Marshall is catching them with his mouth. The whole gang is here and they count to a mighty 100. Lily, depositing beers on the coffee table, says they only got to 82 on their honeymoon. Are we still talking about peanuts? And, sidebar: why did Marshall stop? Let's break 200, baby! Lily, in plain view of Ted, says she's got the perfect guy for Robin. Lily says the guy is smart and funny and cute. Ted asks about the "but." As in, the huge flaw people mention later after telling you about someone's good qualities.

Side whoosh to a montage of "but" moments. Barney tells Ted at MacLaren's about a totally hot girl. In voiceover, Barney tells himself that the girl has a dead tooth. Flash to Marshall setting Ted up with another hot girl who, in Marshall's head, is revealed to push a pug around in a stroller. Flash to Lily telling Ted about a girl who is also awesome. Except for that her last boyfriend had to get a restraining order and somehow lost his cat and vacuum cleaner under mysterious circumstances. We side-whoosh back to Ted in the recliner saying bitterly, "I'm still convinced she killed my turtle." Anywayz...Robin insists that not all set-ups are that bad. She reminds the group about a girl named Jamie that Ted was hooked up with. Barney says her huge "but" was that she had a huge butt. Har har. "Nailed it!" Barney says. He receives approval dap from Ted. The guy Lily wants to set Robin up with does have a "but": he has a kid. Everyone groans. Oh no! I fall into this camp now! I have a cute little infant "but!" Ted says that Robin won't date someone with kids. You know, these characters are in their 20s, but once you're about 35, they're gonna really have to drop that. By 35, you don't ask, "Do they have kids?" You ask, "Their kids haven't killed anyone, have they?" Lily says the guy is great and his kid is sweet; it's one of her students. Ted says Robin hates kids. She insists she doesn't. Ted reminds Robin that she told him she didn't even like kids when she was a child herself.

Side whoosh. A little girl, presumably Robin's sister, is asking elementary school Robin to watch cartoons with her. Robin, sitting at a little table, says that she goes to school all week and she just wants to sit down and read Highlights and drink her juice. Side-whoosh back to Robin saying she likes kids. She also says she likes cars, but that doesn't mean she wants to push a Ferrari through her vagina. Wow. Powerful image there, Scherbatsky. "Shotgun," Barney announces. Marshall laughs. The laugh track, not so much. Marshall says that if they were friends with Garfield, they wouldn't try to set him up with Mondays. Lily laughs and the laugh track is very ambivalent. I don't think the laugh track is really digging this episode so far. Robin decides she wants to meet this guy and that the kid doesn't matter. Robin asks what her "but" is. In voice-over they all offer their opinion. Ted: Robin's afraid of commitment. Lily: She's a gun nut. Barney: She's Canadian. Marshall: She doesn't like Field of Dreams. Out loud, they all insist she doesn't have a "but."

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