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Famous Last Words

Tears all around (but totally not here in my house, okay? I am made of steel, I tell you, and it would be pathetic for me to be crying my second time through this episode. That's my story...), and Lily tells Marshall it looks like his dad came through one last time. They hug. And everyone else gathers around them. Marshall says his father's last words to him were "I love you." Then his dad continues: "Oh, and let me know if you find my foot cream. That fungus is acting up again." Marshall repeats that his father's last words to him were "I love you." The whole gang agrees; that's what they heard, too. Marshall tells his dad goodbye and hugs Lily (Alyson Hannigan has always been the best crier, because it looks so real, and man, she gets me every time).

Saget!Ted tells us that Marshall got his turn to speak, and we move ahead to that. He tells everyone that his dad's last words were the Crocodile Dundee thing. He decided to keep Marvin's real last words for himself. In the pew, Judy thanks Lily for what she's been doing today. She's onto her, and she really needed it. Then she adds that Lily's dress makes her look like a Kansas City whore. She apologizes and says that was the last one.

Back at the Ericksons' home, Marshall says he should have rented Crocodile Dundee III, and Robin pulls a copy out of her vice bag. Ted's baffled. Marshall thanks her, and then gets up. He says he'll be right back, but if he doesn't come back, his last words to them all are these: "I really really really love you guys. ... Now I'm gonna go drop a deuce." Is he his father's son or what? Saget!Ted says that last words get you thinking. Ted, Lily, Robin each make a call that starts, "Hi, Dad." Then Barney makes a call: "Hi, Mom. I'm ready to meet my dad." Wow. This show's gotten so serious lately, and now this is coming, too? I really can't wait, because somehow what used to be this charming little comedy has provided some terrific drama lately.

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