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Judy comes in angry that someone got the cute blond drunk, since she's fifteen. Robin can't believe she's that young, and Barney can't either, I guess, as he gives her her phone number back. Lily seizes on this opportunity and says she's the one who got the minor drunk, which people in New York think is funny. Judy yells that she should be ashamed. Then she eats some gross "salad" made of cheese, mayonnaise and jellybeans, so Lily feels good at getting her eating again. Ted and Barney decide to go live with their plan to make Marshall laugh by hitting each other in the nuts. But how to decide who will take the hit... Barney doesn't wait: He just knees Ted in the nuts as Marshall walks in, no laughter. He tells Robin and Lily he's not going to listen to the voicemail, because the Crocodile Dundee III thing is something he can live with. Marshall and Lily hug, and Ted, curled up on the ground, asks if Marshall's laughing.

Saget!Ted says Marshall did think he could live with that, until later, at the memorial service. Marshall's mom talks about her last talk with her husband, and so do his brothers. He told Judy how much he loves her and how gorgeous she is; spent time with his grandson, helping him learn to skate; and fed a deer out of his hand. He told them he'd always be proud of them, and life is a gift. Everyone cries and lies to Marshall that these stories don't hold a candle to the Crocodile Dundee thing. Marshall, up next, needs some air. He goes out in the cold, and the gang follows. He says he has to listen to it, and does. Then he stops listening and tells them all it was a pocket dial. "It's nothing." And, for some reason, that line -- "it's nothing" -- carries a ton of weight. I think because that's what death is, you know: nothing. And it's a scary thought.

Lily tries to comfort Marshall, because he has so many great memories with his dad that the last one doesn't matter. Everyone agrees, but Marshall says none of them gets it: His dad was his hero, his teacher, his best friend, who always came through for him. And now he's gone, and what's Marshall left with? He starts playing the pocket-dial on speakerphone as he yells at God, thanking him for taking the greatest man he's ever known, way too young. He tells Lily his dad will never meet their kids, but at least they have this voicemail. Lily cries, and even Barney does a little. Marshall rants about how unfair it is that this is all he's left with. Then his dad starts talking: "Marshall? Oh. Looks like I've been calling you for almost five minutes. How's my pocket sound? Anyway, your mom and I had such a great time seeing you. I love you."

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