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Famous Last Words

Cut to the hall, where Ted and Barney tell Marshall he could use a laugh and present him with the first nad-rattling video. They show it, and laugh. Marshall does not. He's hung up on Trey "The Noogie Machine" Platt leading his father's funeral service. Ted asks if Trey carried around a step ladder to give Marshall noogies, and Marshall's like, "He made me carry it." Aw. What an adorably wimpy thing to say. Back inside, Trey's looking tinier than ever in between Marshall's giant brothers. He tells them all that his dad gave him some questions to ask to come up with a theme for the service "or whatever." The first question is what their last words were with the deceased. Trey's like, "Lame," and ready to move on to the next one, but Judy interrupts and says her last words with him were lovely. So were both of Marshall's brothers'. Tone-deaf Trey says this is clearly yielding nothing, and he'll have to fill the time with some jokes. Again. Judy thinks last words seems like a good theme, then asks Marshall what the last words his dad said to him were.

Flashback to Judy leaving Marshall and Lily's, then Marshall's dad sticking back to tell Marshall he had to say something to him: Could he have that extra pork chop for the plane? Marshall says no, because he was going to make a sandwich with it, then asks his dad if there'll be food on the plane. Mr. Erickson: "Yeah, but plane food is ass." Then he's gone. Cut back to the present, where Marshall's now in the hall with his gang again, telling them that those were his dad's last words to him: "Plane food is ass." And that was right after he denied the man a pork chop. [Who does that? You can get a pork chop on any street corner in New York. Just give it to the man. - Z] Robin gives him a flask, which he starts to drink until he remembers his dad yelled up from the street while waiting for a cab. Cut to that scene, in which Mr. Erickson yells up from the street all about how Marshall didn't have an umbrella, but those Korean people across the hall probably do, because the Koreans are a trustworthy and generous people. Back in the present, Marshall realizes his dad's last words were a string of odd racial stereotypes. He thinks this is worse than the pork chop. Barney and Ted interject with another nad-rattler. They laugh. Marshall doesn't.

But Marshall remembers even more stuff he forgot (from what? A day ago?). He went down to talk to his parents after they couldn't get a cab. He brings his dad an umbrella from the Kangs, and admits his dad was right. The cab shows up then, so Judy blows Marshall a kiss and gets in. Mr. Erickson lingers back to tell Marshall he has a little advice for him: "Rent Crocodile Dundee III. I caught it on the cable last night. It totally holds up!" Back in the present, Marshall says that, since that's the second-best of the Croc trilogy, he can live with those being the last words. His phone finishes charging, so he picks it up. While he checks it out, some guy asks Robin for vodka and dirty playing cards. She's got it covered. Marshall, looking at his phone, says he has a voicemail from his dad. I actually appreciate the continuity of his phone being somehow not available last episode carrying over into this one.

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