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There's no scene before the ba-ba-ba opening, so we know they mean business. Then Saget!Ted tells us, his "kids," that when your best friend loses someone (short flash to sad Lily and Marshall from last episode), you drop everything to be there. Only to stand there with no idea what to do or say. Ted, Barney, Robin and Lily all stand around at the funeral. Ted wonders what they can do to help, and Lily says not to ask her; this morning she actually peed for Marshall, which she then realized didn't make sense. Robin's cool, though. She knows her role at funerals: vice girl. She brought a bag filled with anything that might make Marshall feel better: drugs, cigarettes, booze, firecrackers. They're all impressed, and oohing and ahhing until Robin's like, "Be cool, nerds." And I'm like, "Who do you think you are, Scherbatsky? Tina Fey?" Lily tells them all how sad Marshall's mom's been, and how she hasn't eaten or slept. Then Lily realizes her role is to take care of her. And, no, it doesn't matter that she and Judy aren't "besties."

Barney epiphanies that he and Ted should make Marshall laugh today, and the way to do this is by showing him a video of someone getting hit in the nuts. Barney says they need to get a "four-star nad-rattler," so he puts Ted on "knees, feet, fire hydrants and diving boards" and keeps "bats, rackets, hockey sticks, golf clubs and riding crops." Ted asks what about animals? (And, really, what about animals? When do animals kick people in the nuts?) Barney gives Ted "claws, paws, talons" and himself, "hooves, beaks and clenched monkey fists." Marshall comes up and says his phone's out of juice and he left his charger somewhere. Robin asks him if he needs outlet or USB and pulls the charger he needs from her bag. Not exactly a vice, but still, it's something that will make his day better, so well-played on her part. Ted tells Robin she's like Mary Poppins, if her magic purse was filled with drugs. Robin's like, "If?!" Because, really, Ted: Have you seen Mary Poppins?

The reverend tells Judy how sorry he is for her loss, but then says he unfortunately cannot lead the services today: His daughter in Chicago just went into labor. But he's leaving him in the capable hands of his second-in-command: his son, Trey. [Who has less of a vested interest, apparently, in the arrival of new family members. - Zach] He goes to grab him, and Marshall tells his friends that Trey Platt was the toughest bully in school, and he terrorized Marshall growing up. Just then, Danny Strong, at least a foot shorter than Marshall, walks up behind him and says hey. He's the bully, which is amusing, but mostly pointless in the scheme of the episode other than to be a continuous short joke/Marshall is a wimp joke.

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