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The Big Fudge
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This episode was a joy to watch, but not so much to weecap, so after failing miserably for a day, I'm trying a new method. See, I usually write in my office, sitting all upright at my desk, watching scenes over and over, checking online transcripts when available, and so forth. Today, I'm curled up on the living room couch in my comfiest jammies, and I'm going to do my level best to rip through this bad boy. Since I'm in my comfiest jammies and my sainted husband just started another pot of coffee, I'm good either way, but for your sake, gentle reader, I'm hope this works. But um... just in case, every time I suck, why don't you take a drink.

Saget!Ted tells his kids that when you're a thirtysomething New Yorker, there are a few places you avoid like the plague: Times Square on New Year's Eve; Rockefeller Center around Christmas; and most of all a college bar. In my head, I hear TWoP editor Mindy Monez weeping, wailing and gnashing her teeth, not over college bars -- at least they have booze there (and Mindy's a young thing). No, see, she works at TWoP Towers at 30 Rock, and as soon as the giant Christmas tree goes up, Mindy's heart shrinks three sizes. It doesn't return to normal (or "normal" -- she is a TWoP editor, after all) until ice skating season is over. Yesterday, she was complaining about the Beatles music playing there (!!!) but um... I'm going on too long about Mindy, so DRINK! (Heaven knows she would.)

Marshall leads a less-than willing Ted into a college bar. His fear that he'll run into his students turns into a desperate longing to run into his students and a full-blown fantasy that they'll hound him for an impromptu lecture, which he'd never ever want to give. Ted has an active inner-life, doesn't he? That's just as well, this week, as he doesn't get to do much that actually matters in this episode. Marshall explains he has been stopping by this particular watering hole once a month since he finished law school, just to maintain his record as Skee Ball champ. Ted points out the leader board and assumes it's too late for Marshall, as someone named "Big Fudge" is now on top. When he sees Marshall's face, he realizes what we knew as soon as we saw the board. "And you're Big Fudge." Marshall grins. "The biggest." When I was writing the recaplet, I planned to go there in this weecap, but um... comfy jammie girl isn't inclined, so DRINK!

When the guys take their seats, Marshall tells Ted he invited Jenkins. Marshall's been talking about his new, hilarious co-worker for a while now. We flashback to Marshall taking the gang on a series of additional flashbacks as he tells them about Jenkins. The Jenkins-scenes feature Edward Flores, but Jason Segal provides the Jenkins voice in a demi-falsetto, because... No, I'm getting ahead of myself... Anyhow, in the first flashback, Jenkins downs a bottle of Maraschino Cherries on a $200 bet from the GNB crew. While recounting this story to his friends, it's clear Marshall thinks it is hilarious, but none of the gang gets it. In the second, Jenkins dances suggestively (sort of like a latter day Elvis) behind the CFO, who's bending over a table, signing some papers. In the last, while out drinking with the GNB crew, Jenkins hops up on their table and gyrates "like a deranged stripper." Narration-Marshall laughs. "Next thing you know -- off comes the shirt. It was so gross." Jenkins' shirt lands on Flashback-Marshall.

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