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I don't know what set me off. I mean, regardless of my note to the writers, I think the on-the-hook story is a workable idea for a HIMYM episode, but the execution did not sit well with me. Maybe it's because this season has already made me hyper-conscious of the hook in my mouth, so I can't help but feel like the episode is taking a shot at the fans. Aside from that, isn't hookedness a lesson people learn by the time they're in college or shortly thereafter? Aside from that, am I the only one who thought characterization was sacrificed at the altar of plot -- and sacrificed at the altar of plot for the sake of jokey-moments that weren't worth it? The cherry on top is, of course, the continuing and unbearable undoing of Barney. Must he morph into a shadow of the Fonz? Right after Barney found out Tiffany was a Pharma-Girl and Ted declared Pharma-Girl is "just a job," Barney's verbal gymnastics took me right out of the episode, and back to the Happy Days when Fonzie couldn't say he was wr-wr-wrong. That's pathetic. This show isn't Happy Days, and lately, it's not even feeling like it's HIMYM.

Regardless, I'll see you next week for "Of Course," guest-starring J. Lo as the self-help author to whom Robin turns when she finds herself still angry with Barney. In the meantime, come on over to the forum, where you're always off the hook, but you may encounter some locker room talk.

In addition to HIMYM, Cindy McLennan covers The Vampire Diaries and Lost (talk about hooks) for TWoP. If you want to do her laundry, please email her at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or hook up with her on Twitter.

After hitting up the forums, add "hooked" to our HIMYM Dictionary.

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