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MacLaren's: Barney tells Robin, "Last night, I was with this Pharma-Girl who was so hot, you should call the doctor if you don't have an erection for more than four hours." To no one in particular he adds, "AM I RIGHT, PEOPLE?" If he doesn't watch it, I'm going to put in a big time-out, again. Robin feels me feeling her pain (or, at least, disgust). "Yeah, there's no people -- just the girl you most recently dated." Barney raises his drink, winks at her and clicks his tongue. Before anything more can come of this, beautiful Pharma-Girl Diana (Tiara Parker) brings the newest Pharma- Girl, Gladys (Valorie Hubbard) over to the booth to meet Barney. But Gladys, as her name suggests, isn't a pretty young thing. She's fair, fat and 40, or maybe even 50. Barney recoils in horror as he gets an eyeful of Gladys, who is telling him she represents "statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs." That would have worked better if Barney hadn't already mentioned his cholesterol, don't you think?

After Gladys and Diana go to get their "drink on," Barney cries to Robin about the fact that Pharma-Girls are no longer exclusively hot chicks. "It's the end of an era." When Robin tells Barney he's being overly dramatic, he says, "Am I? It starts out with a Gladys. Next thing you know, a couple of not-so-fabulous gay guys enter the ranks. And before you know it, Pharma-Girls look like the crew on a Southwest flight from Albuquerque to Little Rock." He slams his hand down on the pretzel bowl. "IT'S OVER!" Meanwhile, over at...

Henrietta's Place: Ted, still in his tuxedo, arrives at Henrietta's, to let her off the hook. The only problem is, he's not wearing his tuxedo jacket. On the way out of the hotel room, he grabbed TOG's. And TOG? He was serving as best man at the wedding Ted will never attend. And so, well, how to put it? The best man not only stands up with the groom, he often holds the ring for him, too. So wouldn't you know it? Right after Ted knocks on Henrietta's door, the ring magically jumps up and out of his jacket pocket and falls to the floor. Ted bends down on one knee to retrieve it. And of course, just then, Henrietta opens the door. She opens the door to find the object of her desire down on bended knee, holding out a huge, diamond engagement ring, and cries, "Yes!" before Ted can explain. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech. Take the needle off the record.

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