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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

The camera pans from down under to the table top as Saget!Ted narrates. "And then I realized all of my friends were haunted." The camera pans to where Stella is waiting by the counter, and we see Gasser, Robin Senior and Becca standing there with her. "But there was a difference between my ghost and theirs. It wasn't too late for me." Down under, present-day Ted tells the gang, "I'm going to go talk to her." They rise, only to find she's gone. Ted declares he's going after her. They fly out of the restaurant, and I notice Barney laying down some cash. I hope he tipped that poor waiter well. They get outside just in time to see Stella's cab drive off. Ted hails one of his own.

Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney are in the backseat of the cab. Ted's in the front, with the driver, who is not Ranjit. Boo! Ted spots Robin's cab and informs his driver. Marshall is thrilled that Ted's finally going to confront Stella. Robin thinks it's exciting. Lily asks what he's going to say to her. Ted smiles as he stares forward. "I'm going to say, 'Stella, I'm sorry things didn't work out'." Everyone screams, "No," at him, and by everyone, I don't just mean me. Ted continues that they're going to talk about this like adults. Stella can tell him her side, and he'll listen. He admits he probably should have done more of that before. Barney says, "Driver, can you run us into the nearest lamppost. Buckle up, everyone. Not you, Ted." Oh, yeah. Marshall tries to get Ted pumped up, but Ted's bent on being mature and improving his communication with Stella. Marshall can't take it anymore. "Stella hated Star Wars. She lied to you!" His voice goes all Obi-Wan: "Search your feelings, Ted. You know it to be true." Whee! I have to hand it to Ted, when he sets his mind on something, he's not easily talked out of it. He says to Marshall, "Well, that's her business." Oh, Ted. Barney's had it, too. "C'mon, Ted. She left you. At the altar!" Everyone starts yelling at once, which continues until Lily shouts that Stella's cab didn't take the Lincoln tunnel. Robin wonders why someone would get take-out food in the city and take it all the way to New Jersey, anyhow. Ted suggests she's going to her office, but then Marshall says, "Noooo," in a spooky voice.

Flash back to the Tapas restaurant. Marshall explains that the waiter asked Stella if she needed any utensils, but she said she was going straight home. Ted says, "If she was going home, why are still headed... oh my God. Tony lives downtown. Home is Tony's apartment." A buzzing sound starts. The first time I watched this scene, I thought there was trouble with my TV, but it's clear from subsequent watches that it's the sound crew's interpretation of Ted ramping up for an explosion, which segues into heavy metal music, like Ted is at an emotional monster truck show. Good job, sound guys. Go, Ted, go! I'm with your friends. All this maturity isn't frigging healthy. The buzzing continues. "She was going to make me move to New Jersey and then she moves into the city... with TONY!?! Son of a BITCH!" The gang cheers; Ted continues to yell; the gang yells more. Ted rips the window crank off the taxi's passenger side door. Marshall says, "Sir, we'd be happy to cover the cost of that window crank! I LOVE ANGRY TED!" Ted yells, "So do I!" There's more cheering. Even the cab driver looks pleased! Lily notes that it looks like Stella's taxi is stopping. Ted says, "Oh, it is on. It. Is. On." Marshall says, "Go get her, buddy." Robin tells him to go get rid of his demons. Barney says, "MY LEG IS ASLEEP!" Lily puts on the brakes. She's thrilled that he's finally dealing with his feelings, and encourages him to take a beat and plan what he's going to say, because he'll only get one shot at this. Sounding like Dirty Harry, Ted says, "Oh, I know exactly what I'm going to say." We see him exit the car.

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