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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

The team files out of the study, while Robin and one boy linger behind. He says, "I can't believe you missed that last empty netter, you hoser." Robin pushes his chest and says, "You're the hoser." The boy shouts back, "You're the hoser," and I guess they've just uttered some strange Canadian love spell, because they start making out. I wonder how awkward that scene was for Cobie, because that boy looks like an actual boy, not a young man. Senior returns to the study to find his "son" making out with a boy, and drops the tray (silver platter!) full of soft drinks, and rare, exotic American pretzels. A dramatic soap opera chord sounds, and I lose it and have to rewind. That was awesome. Senior approaches Robin and her boy. "What are you doing? You're teammates. Hockey players. TEAMMATES DON'T KISS! HOCKEY PLAYERS DON'T KISS!" He turns from them and says to himself, "Oh my God. I have no son." Spoken like a man who never changed a diaper.

Flash-forward to the present and still down under: Barney rubs Robin's arm and says, "You poor thing." He makes us wait for it. "To have to grow up in Canada. With America right there!" He shakes his head. Marshall says, "That sucks about your dad, Robin, but congratulations on that game." Robin says, "And Kyle and I weren't doing anything serious; we only went to the blue line." When Barney asks about the term, Robin says, "Yeah, you know how when you're a kid, you put everything into hockey terms?" Hello, Robin, you're in America, now. Pretzels. Apple Pie. Ridiculously long election seasons. "The blue line is kissing; the red line is getting naked; and I think in the crease speaks for itself." DIRTY! Robin says after that, her relationship with her dad pretty much, "Went north." Ha. She went to live with her mother, grew her hair out, and "became a Canadian pop star -- you know, normal teen stuff." Lily suggests it might feel better to try to talk to her father about their problems, but Robin is vehement. "It wouldn't solve anything." In an attempt to side with Ted, Robin vents her spleen. What would she say? "I wish you hadn't taught me to hunt and fish and smoke cigars and drink Scotch, because that's not what girls do. And the reason I throw like a girl, Dad, is because I am a girl!" Ted comments that she's held onto all that for a long time, and that it really messed her up. Robin admits to this. Lily says she's sorry. Marshall says it sucks. Barney says, "That's hot." Robin gazes at him out of the corner of her eye. What's going on there?

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