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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

Flash-forward to the present. Robin says, "Over the years, as my body developed..." Barney stops her until he can record what she's saying. Hee. She's disgusted at first but then smiles. "It became harder and harder for him to pretend I was a boy."

Flash back to an absolute mansion. I never watched Young and the Restless, so I don't know if this is supposed to be a take-off on Victor Newman's place or if it's just random mansion placement. In fact, I'm not sure how I know Eric Braedon's character's name, or that he's on Y&R, or that one of his loves was Nikki, who might have been a stripper or hooker or something. There's a lot of osmosis in the soap opera fan's world. General Hospital and Days of Our Lives were once my drugs of choice. I gave up GH when it got lame(r). I gave up Days when Stefano put a chip in someone's head. That was too far-out for me. Besides, I was just getting into Buffy, which was so smart, I knew it would never do anything that stupid. Cough. Anyhow, Robin narrates that the low point was when she was 14. Her Pee Wee hockey team had just won the "Squamish Invitational," and everyone came back to her house to celebrate. Fourteen-year-old Robin is the only girl on the team. Her hair is short -- somewhere between a longish pixie and a shortish shag. [Whatever you call it, it's hot, although she could lose the shoulder pads... and the jersey! Barney Five! - Z] Senior holds up their trophy and says "You lads availed yourselves splendidly out there on the ice. Splendidly. You go on outside. I'll come back with an assortment of soft drinks and American pretzels!" Joint like that and you don't have a butler? C'mon, Victor.

And... do Canadians not have their own pretzels? They did the last time I was there, but it's been too long. Shouldn't there be some provision in NAFTA, or something? This sounds like a job for Super Canadian, which gives me a chance to give a proper shout-out to readers Kylie and Diana who made "Super Canadian T-shirts" and sent me a photo of the fruits of their fandom. For you HIMYM fans who also watch Supernatural, they're considering a Dean-In-Lederhosen project, next. Hey ladies, Angel Cohn loves the shirts, too. Ahem, back to the show...

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